Coalition raises alarm over attacks against journalists and condemns White House for restricting press access

Open the Government, together with a non-partisan coalition of transparency, government accountability, civil liberties and press freedom organizations, sent a letter condemning the White House for punishing journalists who ask   Read Full

Demanding accountability from private companies detaining children

Photo credit: The Hill

The Trump administration has torn an estimated 2,500 children from their asylum-seeking parents – and the damage to America’s reputation across the globe cannot be undone. Some are now terrified that children   Read Full

Coalition Calls for Urgent Investigation of Destruction of Records on Family Separation Crisis

Congress must demand full transparency and accountability to protect children from disappearing Open the Government, together with a coalition of organizations committed to government accountability, civil liberties, human rights, and   Read Full

Congress must end systemic abuse, waste, and entrenched secrecy: stop funding for new Immigration detention camps

The public outcry that resulted from the Department of Homeland Security’s implementation of the administration’s “zero tolerance” policy led to a rollback of the policy and a court-imposed timeframe for   Read Full

Reports Show Spike in Lawsuits Against Intelligence Agencies Due to High Rate of FOIA Denials and Slow Processing Time

Lawsuits Caused by Lack of FOIA Compliance Waste Taxpayer’s Money and Infringe on the Public’s Right to Know WASHINGTON – Open the Government Executive Director Lisa Rosenberg urged America’s military   Read Full

OTG calls on Congress to protect anti-corruption transparency law

OpenTheGovernment is urging members of Congress to vote “No” on legislation that would repeal a critically important anti-corruption law that requires oil, gas and mining companies to disclose their payments   Read Full

Combating Government Secrecy through Freedom of Information

In response to a growing culture of government secrecy, people are seeking new ways to defend their right to information and combat intensifying threats to transparency and accountability. Openness advocates,   Read Full

It Takes a Global Village to Fight Efforts to Subvert Open Government Policies

As we have seen in the United States, political transitions can be a precarious time for government openness and accountability. There are myriad ways that governments backslide, ranging from abandoning   Read Full

Advocates look to deepen FOIA collaboration to combat surveillance secrecy

The secrecy surrounding government surveillance has been a long-standing challenge for those working to defend against threats to Americans’ privacy, civil liberties and civil rights. Under the Trump Administration, advocates   Read Full

OTG praises the Transparency in Government Act

Today, Representative Mike Quigley introduced the Transparency in Government Act (TGA), legislation that encompasses a wide range of reforms aimed at enhancing transparency and accountability across government. The bill includes   Read Full