Migrant caravan illustrates greater accountability for U.S. immigration policy south of the border is needed

OTG joins openness advocates, human rights defenders and journalists in Mexico forum As a caravan of thousands of asylum-seeking migrants journey north towards the U.S.-Mexico border, advocates are aligning efforts   Read Full

Congress calls for greater transparency and accountability from the Pentagon for police militarization

The Pentagon’s controversial program that fuels police forces with surplus weapons of war is mired in secrecy and lacks sufficient oversight. This aspect of the initiative has not improved since   Read Full

OTG & POGO call for answers from Secretary Nielsen about newly disclosed memo on family separation

Today, Open The Government and the Project On Government Oversight are calling for Congress to question Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen about her statements made under oath regarding the administration’s practice of   Read Full

Statement of Open The Government’s Executive Director on the Release of “Committee Confidential” Documents by Senator Cory Booker

Kavanaugh confirmation hearings expose a system so broken that Members of Congress are forced to take extraordinary action in an effort to restore fairness to the process Open The Government   Read Full

Coalition opposes secret expansion of government monitoring and data mining

Growing surveillance programs demand greater transparency, must adhere to privacy laws    Today, Open The Government joined a broad coalition of privacy, civil liberties, government openness, accountability, and immigrant rights   Read Full

Coalition calls on Senate to delay of hearings on Supreme Court nominee until records on his career can be reviewed

The Senate cannot fulfill its constitutional mandate of “advice and consent” if senators do not have access to records on Supreme Court nominee Today, a nonpartisan coalition of government openness,   Read Full

Tools of Accountability: A Recap of Our Workshops on Working with Whistleblowers & Using FOIA

Posted by the Open Gov Hub, August 10, 2018 As some governments become less open, the role of whistleblowers as agents of accountability become even more important. That’s why Open   Read Full

Open The Government praises efforts to strengthen the Freedom of Information Act

Legislation would go far to increase government openness & shine light on private contractors Today, Senator Elizabeth Warren unveiled legislation encompassing a wide range of reforms to enhance ethics, transparency   Read Full

Coalition calls for greater transparency and full access to records on Supreme Court nominee

Today, a nonpartisan coalition of government openness, accountability, and human rights groups called for comprehensive disclosure of documents relating to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. In a letter to the   Read Full

Coalition raises alarm over attacks against journalists and condemns White House for restricting press access

Open The Government, together with a non-partisan coalition of transparency, government accountability, civil liberties and press freedom organizations, sent a letter condemning the White House for punishing journalists who ask   Read Full