Amazon: Fix Rekognition’s Flaws and Leave Facial Recognition Legislation to Congress

After dismissing research indicating its facial recognition product ‘Rekognition’ disproportionately misidentified minorities and women, Amazon’s chief Jeff Bezos revealed the company is developing facial recognition legislation to pitch to Congress.

Amazon’s penchant for secrecy and lack of accountability surrounding Rekognition is documented, and offering to draft legislation to regulate the facial recognition technology space in which it is one of the largest players is a direct conflict of interest and an insult to the public’s intelligence

“Amazon’s proposal to help regulate facial recognition in the U.S. is grossly misguided,” said Lisa Rosenberg, executive director, Open The Government.

“Rather than try to pitch Congress on how to regulate its own controversial technology, Amazon should focus on fixing Rekognition’s propensity for false matches and algorithmic bias that disproportionately impact minorities and women. These are the individuals and communities that are most at risk of getting caught in the web of policing and immigration enforcement, as Amazon continues to pitch and supply Rekognition to law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and a growing number of police departments around the country.”