Agencies Seek Public Input on Open Gov Plan Refresh

Last week the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and Department of Transportation (DOT) invited the public to weigh in on "Version 2" of their Open Government Plans. The Obama Administration's Open Government Directive requires agencies use feedback from the general feedback and open government experts to create its plan, and requires agencies to update the plan every two years. New plans should be posted by all agencies by April 7.

As we told FierceGovernment IT, implementation of the plans over the past two years has been notably inconsistent. Some agencies are faithfully meeting their commitments; other agencies are not. The plans are intended to help agencies make openness, participation, and collaboration a regular part of the way they operate. If agencies do not actually follow the plans, developing a plan is little more than a box the agency must check every couple of years.

The Obama Administration has recently taken new interest in making sure agencies are following through on their plans. The Administration included monitoring the implementation of agency open government plans as one of the 26 commitments it made in the National Action Plan. We look forward to working with agencies to make sure Version 2 of their Open Government Plans reflect the public's priorities and working with the Administration to make sure agencies follow through on their plans.

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