Agencies Begin to Publish Open Gov Plans 3.0

According to updated guidance the Administration issued on agency open government plans, agencies were supposed to publish updated plans to make themselves more open, participatory and collaborative. To help the open government community keep track of which agencies have posted plans and make it easy to see what kind of activities agencies intend to engage in over the next two years, created the below spreadsheet.

As there are lots of agencies and only a few of us, we are counting on others in the open government community to help us keep track of when new plans are published. To edit the spreadsheet, visit the page here:

Finding agency open government plans should be easy. The Open Government Directive, which required agencies to create open government plans, also required each agency to set up a /open page to make its open government more work visible to the public. You should be able to reach these pages by simply typing "/open" after the ".gov" part of the agencies home page.

We started this list using the list of agencies that created an open government plan in 2010 (OTG organized an effort in 2010 to evaluate each of the plans). Agencies that are bold are not required to create open government plans, but did so anyway. (According to the White House, only agencies that have a Chief Financial Officer and the component entities of the Executive Office of the President were required to create open government plans). If you know of any other agencies that have opted to create open government plans, please add them to the spreadsheet.

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