Accountability 2021 Steering Committee Members

The Accountability 2021 Steering Committee guides the work of a larger coalition that is coalescing around and advocating for executive actions addressing open government; ethics; responsive government; truth-seekers and whistleblowers; balance of power; and pandemic preparedness.  The Steering Committee includes the following leaders:

Alex Abdo, Knight First Amendment Institute (Columbia University)
Caroline Fredrickson (Brenan Center for Justice)
Gary Bass (Bauman Foundation)
Tom Saenz (MALDEF)
Anne Weismann (CREW)
Austin Evers, (American Oversight)
Steven Aftergood (Federation of American Scientists)
Kevin Kosar (R Street Institute)
Conrad Martin (Fund for Constitutional Government)
Thomas Susman (National Freedom of Information Coalition; American Bar Association)
Hina Shamsi (ACLU)
Karen Hobart Flynn and Beth Rotman (Common Cause)
Heather Higginbottom (JP Morgan Chase Policy Center)
Andrew Rosenberg and Michael Halpern (Union of Concerned Scientists)
Robert Weissman (Public Citizen)
Ryan Alexander and Steve Ellis (Taxpayers for Common Sense)
Tom Blanton (National Security Archive)
Danielle Brian (POGO)
John Wonderlich (Sunlight Foundation)
Sally Katzen (NYU School of Law)
Anne Tindall (Protect Democracy).