A Word From Our Funders: Ford Foundation

Ford’s support for OTG reflects our commitment to ensuring that public processes are open and accountable to civil society. Our support for OTG is part of a broader interest in the Open Government Partnership worldwide. In particular, we wanted to make sure that civil society in the US civil is fully engaged in the OGP process, providing a model for the countries we work in across the globe.

Instead of re-creating the wheel, OTG provides a lean hub that coordinates and harnesses the strength of its members, with deep and substantive expertise on the range of topics that are addressed in the OGP national action plan. By pulling together and not duplicating expertise that’s already out there, OTG is able to produce high quality and substantive work for a modest investment.

Historically, the Ford Foundation has been deeply committed to issues of governance; making sure the government is transparent, that public processes are accountable, and that that public, particularly underrepresented communities, have the ability to participate in the decisions that affect their daily lives. Those are the core values OTG represents.

We look forward to working with OTG to take the message of the importance of open government to a broader public nationally.”

-Jean Ross, Ford Foundation

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