Overly Politicizing Redacted Mueller Report Would Miss What’s Really at Stake

Statement of Lisa Rosenberg, Executive Director, Open The Government

Note: On the Thursday release of the redacted version of special counsel Robert Mueller’s final report on the Russia investigation by the Justice Department. 

In the eagerness to read the redacted Mueller report, Congress, the media and the public must resist politicizing the report and instead focus on the ways in which Russian interference into the 2016 election threatens our democracy. Deeper issues at stake are the security of future U.S. elections and the need for effective checks and balances that ensure the transparency of special counsel investigations moving forward regardless of who is president. 

Congress must exercise necessary oversight to ensure redactions are for legitimate reasons and not meant to merely protect involved parties from embarrassment at the expense of accountability. The whirlwind of attention and heightened partisanship surrounding the investigation should not bury the fact that bipartisan transparency legislation to protect the integrity of the Mueller investigation, the final report and future investigations and subsequent reports is a significant step in the right direction. 

This is why as a non-partisan coalition, Open The Government, was one of the first advocates for and an early supporter of the Special Counsel Transparency Act as a mechanism to help secure Americans’ right to know the outcome of special counsel investigations after the dust eventually settles on the controversy surrounding the Mueller report.