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Sunshine Week 2008 - Archived Webcast

Sunshine Week 2008 - Archived Webcast

(click to open the .WMV video file of our webcast (95 minutes/255 MB), which requires a plug-in (

Sunshine Week 2008 - Websites

From the panelists:


Sunshine Week 2008 - Resources

Sunshine Week 2008 - Resources Executive Branch:

Sunshine Week 2008 - Legislation

Sunshine Week 2008 - Legislation

Pending Legislation on Disclosure and Open Government

Directory of Registered Sites - 2008

(note: sites will be added as we receive registration forms)



Host Site: LWV-Benicia meeting (contact host for details)
Location: Benicia, CA
Contact Name: Lois Requist
Contact Email: loqu at


Host Site: San Francisco Bay Region Chapter, Special Libraries Association
Co-sponsors: Northern California Association of Law Libraries
Location: San Francisco, CA
Contact Name: Anne Barker
Contact Email: abarker at

Frequently-Asked Questions - 2008 webcast

Q. Can I still register my group's event for the webcast?

A. Yes. Registration has been extended until March 18, the day before the webcast.

Q. Is it feasible for my group to receive the satellite downlink transmission?

A. The satellite downlink will be on C-band analog. Information (coordinates, transponder details) is now available. Email cgreen at

Q. Why do I have to register at the second site for the webcast?


Third Annual National Event Will Explore Executive Branch Secrecy and Tools for Openness

Contact: Chris Green or Patrice McDermott, (202) 332-6736
info at

Media Advisory

Join Patrice McDermott, Director of and two panels of experts in a national dialogue addressing issues of access to government information, including executive branch power and secrecy, congressional rights and responsibilities, and the role of the public and non-profit sector. The event will begin with a lively discussion of the issues and end with ideas for action and new and exciting ways to find and use government information. Two opportunities for questions and answers will be provided.

Registration for "Government Secrecy: Censoring the Right to Know"'s Sunshine Week 2008 webcast
Click here to open the registration form for both webcast and satellite downlink viewers. To submit the form, fill it out (and save the PDF) and email it to cgreen at, or fax it to us (fax number available upon request).

The Classified Section

Check out our new blog, The Classified Section, for analysis of national security secrecy.

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