News Highlights - January 7, 2015

Report slams State Department FOIA process
OSC delivers New Year’s surprise on whistleblower rule
‘Transparent’ Obama Administration Facing Record Number Of Lawsuits Over Access To Public Information

News Highlights - January 4, 2016

The White House is Violating Its Own Transparency Policy
Will 2016 be the year the government gets email under control?
More Problems With Prepublication Review
Opinion: Death toll from violent cops is a guessing game
Congress to Investigate Report That US Spied on Lawmakers
This obscure law had a big political impact in 2015
Twitter to revive Politwoops, archive of politicians' deleted tweets

News Highlights - December 18, 2015

Did Ted Cruz Leak Classified Information? Then So Did a Former NSA Chief.
Government privacy watchdog set to lose power to examine covert action
IRS Spared Some Budget Cuts But Loses Power to Curb Nonprofits

News Highlights - December 17, 2015

Defense Secretary Conducted Some Official Business on a Personal Email Account
Congress just revived the surveillance state in the name of 'cybersecurity'
Feds Urge Crackdown On Bad Cops, But Agencies Haven't Gotten The Message
Do We Actually Want Social Media Companies Telling The Government Who's A Terrorist?
US Stalling Release Of Thousands Of Torture Photos Worse Than Abu Ghraib

News Highlights - December 15, 2015

Justice Dept. Accused of Sabotaging FOIA
FOIA fight looms over drone database
In the race to open Congress’s secretive think tank, a new trove of confidential research goes public

News Highlights - December 14, 2015

Transparent? Government Spending Billions On PR Machine That Blocks Access to Public Information
Why Aren’t Criminal Defendants Getting Notice of Section 702 Surveillance — Again?
State Department belatedly finds 1,300 emails on Anwar Al-Awlaki
Why Did the CIA Meet With Michael Bay?