News Highlights - April 11, 2016

DNI Establishes Intelligence Transparency Council
Obama Under Pressure to Declassify the 9/11 Report’s Secret 28 Pages
Obama says Hillary Clinton was careless with emails but didn't jeopardize national security

News Highlights - April 8, 2016

NSA data-sharing plan opens door to mass surveillance, say rights groups
Opposition mounts to NSA’s data-sharing plans
Homeland Security Exploring Body Cameras for Border Patrol

News Highlights - April 7, 2016

Spies in the Skies
Obama’s Gift to Donald Trump: A Policy of Cracking Down on Journalists and Their Sources
The CIA Helped Produce an Episode of 'Top Chef'
Crunch time for Data Act guidance

News Highlights - April 6, 2016

DNI Clapper Embraces Review of Secrecy System
‘Culture of evidence’ should be preserved as government prepares for new administration
How a federal spy case turned into a child pornography prosecution
The Pentagon Isn’t Tracking if Former Employees Violate Revolving Door Laws

News Highlights - April 5, 2016

Police Use This Secret Military Snooping Gadget to Track Cell Phones. But Is It Legal?
The FBI Says a Piece of Code Broke Its FOIA System
White House proposes government open-source software
Trump calls for federal employees to sign nondisclosure agreements

News Highlights - April 4, 2016

CIA Withdraws Email Destruction Proposal
ODNI Lawyer Bob Litt Says There's No NSA Data Sharing With Law Enforcement... If You Don't Count The FBI, DEA, Etc.
Whistleblower Protection Agency Looks to Clean Up Its Own Backyard

News Highlights - April 1, 2016

Intelligence Community Olive Branch on Data Sharing Greeted With Skepticism
Reddit signals receipt of secret government orders to hand over user data
What The National Archives Can Do for *Truly* Open Government

News Highlights - March 30, 2016

Second judge grants discovery in Clinton email lawsuit
Privacy watchdog chairman resigns two years before end of term
Op-Ed: We Need to Know More About When the FBI Can Access One of the NSA’s Biggest Databases
Op-ed: Obama Criticizes the Media, but His Administration Is Part of the Problem
FOIA Mapper aims to make it easier for journalists to know where to look for public documents
The National Security Archive Launches the “Cyber Vault”

News Highlights - March 29, 2016

Whistle-blower Del Toral grew tired of EPA ‘cesspool’
Secrecy System to Undergo “Thoughtful Scrutiny”
Former administration pardon attorney suggests broken system in resignation letter
Feds Must Reconsider Denial of Estate Records
Police Radio Chatter Is Open To All Ears. But Should It Be?