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News Highlights - July 17, 2014

Guantanamo Judge's Secret Order on Secret Motion is So Secret Defense Lawyers Can't See It
NSA Refuses to Release Documents on Mysterious Death of UN Secretary General Over 50 Years Ago
Does the NSA Have Lois Lerner's Emails?
NSA Surveillance: What the Government Doesn't See

News Highlights - July 16, 2014

Open Gov: Who's Late Out the Gate?
Privacy Groups, Reddit Are Urging Obama to Pledge to Veto Cybersecurity Bill
HHS Announces New Open Gov Projects, Wants to Know What You Think

News Highlights - July 15, 2014

2008 Obama Would Have Slammed 2014 Obama for This Government Secrecy Case
Opinion: An Important Crusade for Open Government
Opinion: NSA Now Admits Edward Snowden Sent More Than One Email, But Won't Disclose Them

News Highlights - July 14, 2014

Opinion: The Senate is Giving More Power to the NSA, in Secret. Everyone Should Fight It.
White House Most Transparent? Yes Says New Press Secretary
New Court Orders Signal More Drone Documents Are on the Way
When the CIA Keeps the President in the Dark
Cass Sunstein Opinion on FOIA Amendment and My Rebuttal

News Highlights - July 11, 2014

Agencies Fail to Deliver a Plan to Deliver the Data
Decades-Old Rwandan Genocide Documents Withheld Under B(5) FOIA Exemption, Researchers Forced to Look Abroad for Transparency
Wyden: CIA Still Must Answer Questions About Searching Senate Files
PIDB Holds Congressional Briefing on Transforming the Security Classification System

News Highlights - July 10, 2014

The FBI's Dirty Little Secret
Privacy Advocates Call for FISA Court Reform
Civil Rights Groups Ask Administration to Explain NSA Surveillance of American Muslims
Anger Over Torture Report Fades to Silence

News Highlights - July 9, 2014

Meet the Muslim-American Leaders the FBI and NSA Have Been Spying On
Press Groups Call on Obama to End 'Pervasive' Secrecy Practices
Records Challenge by Gawker's Former Top Editor Unravels
A Blatant Example of Pointless Government Secrecy
Senate Panel OKs Bill Encouraging Companies to Share Cyber Threat Data with Government

News Highlights - July 8, 2014

Transparency and Lethal Operations: A Checklist of What's Public and What's Still Secret
Commerce, Prisons Bureau at High Risk for Losing Email
Price Tag for Security Classifications Jumps to $11.6B
Cybersecurity Bill in Senate Committee, Quietly, On Tuesday

News Highlights - July 7, 2014

CIA Employee's Quest to Release Information 'Destroyed My Entire Career'
Editorial: Reining in the Drones
Opinion: Full Disclosure: Fighting Secrecy, One Drone Memo at a Time

News Highlights - July 3, 2014

Opinion: President Obama Can (And Should!) Embrace the FOIA Improvement Act
Celebrating FOIA on Independence Day
US Discloses Secret Somalia Military Presence, Up to 120 Troops

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