News Highlights - May 10, 2016

FBI & DOJ Defend Secrecy Of WikiLeaks Investigation In 113-Page Court Filing
DOJ creating guide to help law enforcement pick most secure body cameras

News Highlights - May 9, 2016

She Spoke Up About Cooked ISIS Intel. They Booted Her—for Cursing.
Are US Courts Going Dark?
What Does Effective Intelligence Oversight Look Like?

News Highlights - May 6, 2016

Archivist Won’t Call “Torture Report” a Permanent Record
Inspectors General win a Round in Fight Over Access
Congressional leaders ask GAO to audit agencies’ FOIA compliance
FBI Told Cops to Recreate Evidence From Secret Cell-Phone Trackers

News Highlights - May 5, 2016

The TTIP and TPP trade deals: enough with the secrecy (opinion)
Sept. 11 families seek answers in secret pages from inquiry
Lawmakers Urge FTC to Investigate ‘Dark Money’ Group Attacking Consumer Watchdog Group
Warrantless searches against Americans doubled from 2013 to 2015, report says
Judge Oks deposition plan in Hillary Clinton email case

News Highlights - May 4, 2016

Feds Urged to Preserve “Torture Report”
Secrecy, defense concerns surround cell phone trackers
Feds pushed administrative punishment for leakers
Police Agencies should share data: Guest editorial

News Highlights - May 3, 2016

Where's the Beef? You Won't be Able to Find out if Agricultural Groups Get Their Way
Whistleblowing is Not Just Leaking – It’s an Act of Political Resistance
Judge dismisses Twitter’s lawsuit against government
A Major Leak Is the Latest Blow to Obama’s Big Trade Deal with Europe
bipartisan Hill Leaders Demand Probe Of Feds’ Poor FOIA Compliance

News Highlights - May 2, 2016

FBI Chooses Secrecy Over Locking Up Criminals
CIA director: '28 pages' contain inaccurate information
U.S. spy court rejects zero out of 1,457 applications for surveillance in 2015
Judicial Conference Committee seeks to implement wider law enforcement surveillance

News Highlights - April 29, 2016

Letter Details FBI Plan for Secretive Anti-Radicalization Committees
FOIA 'still interested letters' have uncertain effect on requesters, report finds
Grassley: Carter emails contained 'sensitive' information
Are Agencies Drowning in Data Mandates?

News Highlights - April 28, 2016

The CIA Illegally Let the Wrong People Do Intelligence Work, Declassified Report Finds
Minnesota T.S.A. Manager Says He Was Told to Target Somali-Americans
Most Police Forces Still Refuse Transparency When it Comes to Use-of-Force Statistics

News Highlights - April 27, 2016

Obama Under Fire Over Transparency as Congress Advances FOIA Reform
Landmark Senate report on CIA's use of torture plays key role in victims' lawsuit
Police chiefs: 'There is nothing to fear' about White House open data initiative