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News Highlights - April 13, 2015

State Department Agrees to Probe Missing Clinton Emails

News Highlights - April 10, 2015

Justice Dept Updates its FOIA Regulations
Three Things You Didn't Know Are in the CIA Torture Report
The Investigation into 12333 Begins
Letters on Hillary Clinton Email Flap Released

News Highlights - April 9, 2015

Bringing Transparency to Patent Law
The Unreal Secrecy of Drone Killings
Treasury Restores Some Functionality Lost in Redesign, Stands Up GitHub Page for Feedback
'Redaction Poetry' and Overclassification at the US National Archives
Senate Creating Secret Encyclopedia of US Spy Programs

News Highlights - April 8, 2015

US Secretly Tracked Billions of Calls for Decades
Opinion: Our Intelligence Apparatus, Operating in the Dark
Here is the Secrecy Pact Police Signed with the FBI So They Could Use a Phone Surveillance Tool
NIST, NARA Closer to Standard for Securing Federal Information on Outside Systems
Intelligence Oversight in the 113th Congress
Are State Department Contractors Shortchanging Whistleblowers?
Labor Department Failed to Properly Report $2 Million in Employee Conferences

News Highlights - April 7, 2015

Opinion: Legislation Allowing Cameras in the Courtroom More Important Than Ever
Court Mulls Revealing Secret Government Plan to Cut Cell Phone Service

News Highlights -April 6, 2015

How to Ease the E-Discovery Impact of FOIA Requests
Redesign is Awful, But USAspending Still Proves Power of the Public
CIO Council Release Searchable Library of Public Laws, Executive Orders, and OMB Documents
Deja Vu All Over Again
In New Video, Congressman Explains Why His Fellow Lawmakers Couldn't Be Trusted with NSA Oversight

News Highlights - April 3, 2015

It's Been a Year Since Senators Voted to Reveal CIA Torture. What Do We Have to Show for It?
State Department Cites 'Crushing' Burden of Freedom of Information Act
How Not to Be the Next
Obama Administration Improperly Claims Secrecy Power Over Videos of Former Guantanamo Prisoner's Force-Feeding

News Highlights - April 2, 2015

Why Is Obama Keeping Secret Four Seconds of a Nixon-Era Tape? Updated, Functionality Drastically Diminished Say Businesses
Commerce: Tell Us What You Want from Our Data
The Clinton Email Scandal: A Double Standard?

News Highlights - April 1, 2015

Watchdog for Federal Secrecy Has Yet to Bite
Obama's Admin's New Spending Website Rolls Back Transparency
Court Denies FOIA Request for Panetta Review on CIA Torture
Lawmakers Introduce DHS Transparency Bills

News Highlights - March 31, 2015

Too Fast on Requiem for White House FOIA?
Regulators Fret Over FOIA Reform Bill
When Do Official Documents Belong to the Public?
Access Denied: Reporters Say Federal Officials, Data Increasingly Off Limits
Other Areas That Could Use a Little Sun
A Look at What's Been Lost to History

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