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News Highlights - May 13, 2014

New NSA Chief Vows More Transparency for Embattled Agency
Opinion: Pretending That Leaked Information is Secret Hurts Democratic Debate
Court: Privacy Outweighs Public Interest in Dispute Over Cell Tracking Records

News Highlights - May 12, 2014

Memo Revisits Policy Citing Leaked Material, to Some Confusion
ODNI Defends New Pre-Publication Review Policy
Opinion: Show Us the Drone Memos
Transparency Missing from House NSA Reform Bill

News Highlights - May 9, 2014

Intelligence Policy Bans Citation of Leaked Material
Of Course Janet Napolitano Used Email...Just Not Directly
Did Congress' Best Plan for Surveillance Reform Just Lose Its Teeth?
Fate of Barron Appeals Court Nomination Unclear as White House Offers Drone Memos
Ergobaby Identified as "Company Doe" in Product Safety Case

News Highlights - May 8, 2014

House Takes Major Step to End Mass Surveillance
Despite Senate Hopes of Speedy Release, Torture Report Won't Be Made Public for Months
Editorial: The Lawyer Behind the Drone Policy

News Highlights - May 7, 2014

White House to Provide Lawmakers with Access to Drone Memo Authorizing Killing of American
Opinion: The Power of Transparency
NARA Creates FOIA Advisory Committee

News Highlights - May 6, 2014

Drone Memo Author Endorsed Call for Transparency
House Judiciary to Move on NSA Reform Bill 
DATA Act Could Transform Government, Save Billions

News Highlights - May 5, 2014

Guantanamo Prosecutor Fights Release of Classified Information to Defense
Senate Dems Antsy Over WH Release of CIA Report
Michael Hayden's Unwitting Case Against Secret Surveillance
Opinion: Obama Doesn't Deserve Deference on Drone Deaths

News Highlights - May 2, 2014

Lawsuit Seeks Access to More Secret Court Opinions
Using Classification Challenges to Curb Secrecy
Opinion: Secrets and Lies of Obama's Drone War
Williams & Connolly Lose FOIA bid for Consultant Information

News Highlights - May 1, 2014

Surveillance Orders Declined in 2013
New NSA Chief Michael Rogers: Agency Has Lost Americans' Trust
The Light Hiding Under McCutcheon's Bushel: Transparency
More Secret 9/11 Documents Identified, But FBI Has Yet to Turn Them Over to Judge

News Highlights - April 30, 2014

Congress to Feds: You're on the Hook for Spending Transparency
Heading Up Senate Report Declassification, CIA Has History of Tightly Guarding Its Own Secrets
Opinion: How Many Have We Killed?

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