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News Highlights - July 7, 2015

Let's Fix FOIA by 50!
The Reports Most Lawmakers Don't Want You to See
The SCOTUS Financial Disclosure Forms They Really Hope You Don't Read

News Highlights - July 6, 2015

Secrecy Over Fracking Chemicals Clouds Environmental Risks, Advocates Say
CIA: Going for the Catch 22 Prize
Opinion: President Obama Should Adhere to Openness Policies by Supporting Reforms
Application of FOIA in Army Case Leaves Much to Be Desired
OIP Releases New Guidance for Agency Still-Interested Letters

News Highlights - July 1, 2015

There's No Reason to Hide the Amount of Secret Law
When Governments Sue Public Records Requesters
3,000 Pages of Hillary Clinton's Emails Were Just Released--Many Heavily Redacted

News Highlights - June 30, 2015

Why Open Data is the Future of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
Archuleta Keeps Breach Numbers Close to the Vest, Has Federal CIO's Support
IRS Bonuses Subject of FOIA Law Suit

News Highlights - June 29, 2015

CIA Photos of 'Black Sites' Could Complicate Guantanamo Trials
Top Five Federal Open Gov Efforts

News Highlights - June 26, 2015

IT Tools Can Help Declassification Backlog, But is there Funding?
State Department Gets Libya Emails That Hillary Clinton Didn't Hand Over
Has the CIA Asked the FISC to Restart Its Bulk Collection Program?
FOIA Advisory Committee Surveys: Examining the FOIA Landscape

News Highlights - June 25, 2015

Obama Has Issued 19 Secret Directives
Ex-Im Official Deleted Text Messages After FOIA Request
Obama Administration on Plan to Take CIA's Drones: Never Mind, Keep 'Em

News Highlights - June 24, 2015

Documents on 2012 Drone Strike Detail How Terrorists are Targeted
Holy %$#@! Rahm's Clinton White House Files are Due Out
NARA Wants Input on FOIA Modernization
The FISC's Newest Opinion: Proof of the Need for an Amicus
The Rabbit-Hole of 'Relevant'

News Highlights - June 19-22, 2015

The Secrecy of the Snowden Documents
In First Batch of Released Cheney Papers, a Peek at a Polarizing Figure
Justice Watchdog Continues to Clash with FBI Over Access to Documents
The CIA Can’t Keep Its Drone Propaganda Straight
The Mystery of the BOP, the CIA and Afghanistan
The Hidden Meaning (Maybe) of the New FISC Opinion
Homeland Security found in violation of open-records law

News Highlights - June 17, 2015

Secretive Surveillance Court Skips Talking to Privacy Advocates
FOIA trial offers rare look into how FBI searches records, responds to requests
Judge OKs executive privilege in drone FOIA case

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