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News Highlights - April 11, 2014

Senate Passes Data Act
Opinion: The Senate Report on the CIA's Interrogation Program Should Be Made Public
House Dems Urge Obama to Quickly Declassify CIA Report
Blowing the Whistle at Your Agency May Have Just Gotten Easier
Selective Service System Can't Access its FOIA Database

News Highlights - April 10, 2014

Big Step for Public Access to Legislation
Judge Moves on Senate-CIA Report 
State Department Seeks Declassification of Torture Report Letter Over Rubio's Objections
Jose Rodriguez Destroys Key Evidence of CIA Torture Program, Then Calls Senate Report Condemning it 'Flawed,' Biased, and Incomplete
Miami Herald Protests New 'Culture of Censorship' at Guantanamo
Your Homework Assignment: Sue the Federal Government
Here's How You Can Ask the Government for Public Records

Huffington Post: Response to Jose Rodriguez on the Torture Report

"President Obama must stop abdicating to CIA on matters of classification, and stop letting them hide the truth. He should order the release of the SSCI report and the CIA's response with minimal redaction and minimal delay."

Read more from Katherine Hawkins, OTG's National Security Fellow, at the Huffington Post. 

News Highlights - April 9, 2014

Feinstein Asks White House to Take the Lead in Releasing CIA Report
Countering CIA's Conflict of Interest in Declassification
Using the 'Top Secret' Stamp to Hide Lies and War Crimes
Open Data Law Aims to Demistify Federal Spending
SIGAR and USAID Clash Over Access to Afghan Assessments

News Highlights - April 8, 2014

NSA Logs Reveal Flood of Post-Snowden FOIA Requests
OMB Refuses to Provide Charge Card Policies and Reports
Editorial: Time to Expose the CIA's Dark Side

News Highlights - April 7, 2014

Secret State Department Letter Warned: Don't Release Senate Torture Report
USTR Claims 1,200 Meetings with Congress Just as Good as Actual Transparency
Competency Assessments of Would-Be Ambassadors Will Now Be Public
Agency Selling Free Information Could Be Axed

Huffington Post: Intelligence Agencies Must Stop Trying to Conduct Oversight in Secret

"For much too long, the intelligence committees have been trying to do oversight in almost complete secrecy. That doesn't work. It can't work. Until the oversight committees realize that, they will be operating blindfolded, with one hand tied behind their back." 

Read more from Katherine Hawkins, OTG's National Security Fellow, at the Huffington Post

News Highlights - April 4, 2014

Senate Panel Votes to Declassify Part of CIA Report
The SSCI Report and the Right to the Truth About the CIA's Secret Detention and Extraordinary Rendition Program
Opinion: DIY Accountability
US to Let Public See How Medicare Pays Doctors

News Highlights - April 3, 2014

Is Whistleblower Advocate for Nation's Spies Under Attack?
DOJ Silent on Spy Chief Investigation
Senators Clear Path for Release of Detention Report on CIA
CIA Torture Report to Remain Largely Secret Despite Declassification Vote
Representatives Schiff and Jones Introduce Bill to Increase Transparency in US Drone Program
Napolitano: What if Secrecy, NSA Trump the Constitution?

News Highlights - April 2, 2014

Senate's Feud with CIA Over Torture Report: Sound and Fury But Few Answers
How the NSA Used a 'Loophole' to Spy on Americans
Court Orders Government Not to Destroy Evidence in EFF Cases Against the NSA
CREW Scores Major FOIA Victory in Tom DeLay Case

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