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News Highlights - June 13, 2014

Though Flawed, Senate Intelligence Authorization Bill Contains Protections for Intelligence Agency Whistleblowers
The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court: Is Reform Needed?

News Highlights - June 12, 2014

Opinion: A Fix for the USA Freedom Act
The Long View: The Future of Storing and Sharing Records
Using DATA to Shed Light on Federal Spending
Too Much Secrecy in Gitmo Trials
Opinion: A Fix for the USA Freedom Act
[Washington Times, Virginia Sloan, June 11, 2014[

News Highlights - June 11, 2014

Official Backs Marines' Move to Classify Photos of Forces with Taliban Bodies
Overclassification: Is There a Limit? 
Secrecy System Shows New Signs of Contraction
Supreme Court Called Into Secrecy Fight
Radio: Ginger McCall on FOIA Reform

News Highlights - June 10, 2014

Years Later, Investigation Goes Nowhere
A Brief History of Open Data
NSA Reform Heats Up in the Senate
NSA Sued for EPA Records
Science and Tech Office Refreshes Open Government Plan

News Highlights - June 9, 2014

House Intelligence Bill Fumbled Transparency
Opinion: Secrecy is a Cancer on Our Democracy
Judge: NSA Can Keep Deleting Data it Was Ordered to Retain
Opinion: Why It Shouldn't Be Criminal to Report Government Secrets
Video: What Has the US Learned from the Snowden Leaks?
Court Orders Rare Re-Do in Surveillance Case

News Highlights - June 6, 2014

Opinion: Would You Rather Not Know? 
Judge Orders Feds to Preserve Surveillance Data
Opinion: On Anniversary of Snowden's NSA Disclosure, a Shocking Realization
NSA Reform Bill Finds Few Allies Before Senate Intelligence Committee
Edward Snowden Took Less Than Previously Thought, Says James Clapper
GM Seeks to Block Disclosure of Bankruptcy Documents

News Highlights - June 5, 2014

One Year Later: Snowden Disclosure's Effect on Secret Laws 
Will the Government Finally Acknowledge Which Telecom Companies Cooperate with the NSA?
One Year After Edward Snowden's Leaks, Government Claims of Damage Leave Public in the Dark

News Highlights - June 4, 2014

Editorial: Your Right to Know Up to Congress
DOJ Requires Electronic Recording of Interrogations--But Not in National Security Cases
Opinion: Time to Reopen the Case on CIA Torture
New NSA Chief Seeks to Reassure Public on Surveillance

News Highlights - June 3, 2014

Despite Obama Directive, Agencies Maintain Ad-Hoc Approach to Unclassified Information
What Would the Ideal FOIA Regulations Include?
Obama Circumvents Laws With 'Signing Statements,' a Tool He Promised to Use Lightly
This White House GitHub Experiment Could Help Fix Government
Opinion: Senate Must Rein in the NSA
US Destroyed Key Spy Documents, EFF Claims

News Highlights - June 2, 2014

Spies Say They're Confused and Outraged by Restrictions on Talking to Journalists
Opinion: The House Committee on Intelligence Needs Oversight of Its Own
Opinion: 'Faux' Transparency
Amid Moves on Shield Laws, Journalist Tells of 2011 Subpoena Fight
A(nother) Procedural Roadblock for Drone Casualty Reporting Requirements
Administration Pushes for Drone Transparency
Targeting Transparency: A Call for DoD to Automatically Release Investigations of Civilian Casualities in Armed Conflict

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