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News Highlights - December 5, 2013

NSA Tracking Cellphone Locations Worldwide, Snowden Documents Show
The NSA Could Figure Out How Many Americans It's Spying On. It Just Doesn't Want To
Guantanamo Detainees' Hunger Strikes Will No Longer be Disclosed by US Military
UN Secretary Calls for More Transparency About Drone Use
Ex-Navy Linguist Fails in Challenge to Espionage Act

News Highlights - December 4, 2013

Libraries Fear NSA is Targeting Their Records
Defense Authroization Conferees Meet in Secret 
NSA FOIA Response Claims Data on Vendor Contracts 'Unsearchable'
NARA Looks to Bring Agency Records into the 21st Century
Could the Government Erase Everything Snowden Exposed?
Lawyers for ex-State Department Worker Stephen J. Kim Urge Holder to Drop Leak Charges

News Highlights - December 3, 2013

NSA: "Not (So) Secret Anymore"
Whistleblower Cases Have Gone 'Through the Roof,' Even as OSC Faces Uncertain Budget
Senators Call on Obama to Provide The Public More Information on Drone Strikes
HPSCI Wants President to Plan For Leaks of Covert Action
White House Seen Shaping Image by Limiting Access
Media Outlets Push FISC For More Info on Secret Government Surveillance
Another 2014 NDAA 'Ornament': FISA Disclosure
NSA, Security Issues Forced Out of Defense Debate

News Highlights - November 28 - December 2, 2013

HPSCI Seeks 'Continuous Evaluation' of Security-Cleared Employees
Who is Watching the Watch Lists?
Commentary: If It's Social and It's Digital, It May Be Government

News Highlights - November 27, 2013

Inquirer Editorial: Secret court a rubber stamp
Court hears fight over secret Justice Department legal opinion
Senators Call for Transparency in Targeted Killings
Obama administration proposes rule that would rein in political activity of nonprofits
Obama nominee would fill Homeland Security’s long-vacant IG role
Julian Assange unlikely to face U.S. charges over publishing classified documents

News Highlights - November 26, 2013

Obama's Overhaul of Spy Programs Cloaked in More Secrecy
Senator Susan Collins is the Barrier to Transparency, Accountability on Drones
Prioritizing Topics for Declassification
Social Media: The New Generation of Archiving
Supreme Court Gets 'Sensitive' Jobs Plea
Reagan's Role in the NSA's Hack of Google and Yahoo

News Highlights - November 23 - 25, 2013

Want a File from the NSA? You Can Ask, But You Might Not Get It
Muzzling the Freedom of Information Act
Opinion: Will the NSA Be Reformed?
Government Told to Explain Need for Secrecy
Government Claims Americans Have No Right to Challenge NSA Phone Surveillance
Obama Administration Looks to Scrub Security Clearance List

News Highlights - November 22, 2013

White House Pressed to Fix 'Broken' Classification System
Lawmaker: Too Much Secrecy Could Be Fueling Leaks
House Committee Rejects Provision Requiring Account of Drone Casualties
A FOIA Victory for Sunlight and Spending Transparency

News Highlights - November 21, 2013

Surveillance Court Chafes at Obama Administration Secrecy
Should Commissary Clerk Jobs Be Classified As 'Sensitive' National Security Positions?
NSA Unlawfully Shared Intel with Government Agencies 

News Highlights - November 20, 2013

Veterans Affairs Adds New Layer of FOIA Review
IG Finds Classification Program at EPA Full of Errors
State Department Won't Name Advisers Already in Government's Public Database
Feds: Even Though We've Been Ordered to Reveal Secret Interpretation of the PATRIOT Act, We're Not Going to Do That

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