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News Highlights - May 7, 2015

Appeals Court Rules That NSA's Phone Metadata Program is Illegal
Senators Look for Answers on FOIA Reform, Clinton Emails
Senate Committee--Breaking Rules and Not Giving Names
House Oversight Committee Asks for FOIA Horror Stories
Deadline Looming, Dozens of Groups Urge Congress to Reform Bulk Surveillance
Pentagon Still Mishandling Military Whistleblower Cases, Report Finds
Once Again: "Which Agency" and "How Secret?" Are Separate and Independent Questions

News Highlights - May 6, 2015

FOIA Requests Hit Record High in 2014
Watchdog Questions HUD's 'Inconsistent' IT Dashboard Data
GitHub May Be the Next Step for Government Regulation
What Do We Know about the Torture Photos Obama Refuses to Release?

News Highlights - May 5, 2015

A Growing Body of Secret Intelligence Law
We Need a Full, Transparent Review of the US Targeted Killing Program
This Is What Started the Senate's Battle With the CIA Over the Torture Report
The Justice Department Is Reviewing Its Secret Cell Phone Tracking Programs

News Highlights - May 4, 2015

Opinion: The Pesticide Industry's Role in Bee Declines
What to Keep Secret in a Secret War
Extreme Secrecy Eroding Support for Obama's Trade Pact
Opinion: Making Dollars and Sense of DOJ's New FOIA Fee Rule
FBI Replies to Stingray Freedom of Information Request with 5,000 Blank Pages

News Highlights - May 1, 2015

Opinion: Science, Harassment, and the Limits to Transparency
American Psychological Association Bolstered CIA Torture Program, Report Says
Patriot Act Faces Revisions Backed by Both Parties

News Highlights - April 30, 2015

Bill Would Boost Whistleblower Protections for Military Sexual Assault Victims
CIA's Torture Experts Now Use Their Skills in Secret Drones Program
One Critical Transparency Flaw in the New USA Freedom
Senators Lankford, Warren Introduce Truth in Settlements Act to Make Federal Agency Settlements More Transparent
War Court Judge Denies USS Cole Defense Lawyers Full 'Torture Report'

News Highlights - April 29, 2015

Judge Sets Deadline for Deadline to Release Hillary Emails
Senator Wants Answers from VA Secretary on the Poor Treatment of VA Whistleblowers
Can IGs Successfully Walk the Tightrope?
Watching the Supreme Court, Three Minutes at a Time
Meet the Only Person Being Punished After the Senate Torture Report

News Highlights - April 28, 2015

Opinion: Time for Sunlight on Trade
All-Stars of Government Whistleblowing Blast Obama Prosecutions
Opinion: Information Asymmetry and Obama's Hacked Emails
Sen. Grassley Pledges Push for 'Supreme Court TV'

News Highlights - April 27, 2015

Declassified Report Shows Doubts About Value of NSA's Warrantless Spying
Opinion: Federal Government Fails Basic Openness Test
CIA Reviews 'Operational Files' Exemption from FOIA
Security-Cleared Population Declined by 12% Last Year
Inside Obama's Drone Panopticon: A Secret Machine With No Accountability

News Highlights - April 24, 2015

Warren Weinstein and the Long Drone War
Opinion: The Hostages Killed by US Drones are Casualties of an Inhumane Policy
As the Senate Torture Report Gathers Dust, Is the Obama Administration Giving Torturers De Facto Amnesty?
Which Federal Agencies Haven't Released Public Indexes of Their Data?
The Untouchable John Brennan

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