News Highlights - March 9, 2017

State Secrets Privilege Invoked to Block Testimony in C.I.A. Torture Case
What is the FISA court, and why is it so secretive?
Mike Pence says he advocates for a free press. Here’s his shaky history with transparency.

News Highlights - March 6, 2017

Shadowy dispute over evidence casts doubt on 2018 start of 9/11 trial
With tweetstorm, Trump may have exercised exclusive declassification authority
Trump Wants NSA Program Reauthorized But Won’t Tell Congress How Many Americans It Spies On
The U.S. Government’s Privacy Watchdog Is Basically Dead, Emails Reveal
Exclusive: Trump aides’ bid to plug leaks creates unease among some civil servants
White House staff told to preserve Russia-related materials
The DOJ’s Director of Public Affairs Used Gmail to Send a Work Email. Is That Legal?
NASA Opens Free Software Catalog To The Public: Perfect For Experimental Earthlings

News Highlights - March 3, 2017

The FBI’s new online FOIA portal is now live
Palantir Provides the Engine for Donald Trump’s Deportation Machine
Obama Administration Rushed to Preserve Intelligence of Russian Election Hacking
Deterring, and Relying Upon, Russia

News Highlights - March 2, 2017

Sessions met with Russian envoy twice last year, encounters he later did not disclose
House Judiciary signals reauthorization of NSA surveillance powers with privacy tweeks
In Confirmation Lovefest, Senators Tell Future Spy Chief He May Be Too Nice for the Trump Administration

News Highlights - February 24, 2017

Trump blames FBI for failing to stop media leaks
How Trump’s Immigrant Dragnet Might Catch Your Personal Data, Too
CIA Cables Detail Its New Deputy Director’s Role in Torture