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News Highlights - January 6, 2014

Too Classified for Congress? When It Comes to Congressional Oversight of Intelligence Activities, Transparency Should Triumph Over Secrecy
CIA Says Its Inspector General is Resigning at the End of Month
Senator Dianne Feinstein Urges Covert Action Reforms and Legal Changes to Prevent Future Torture
Opinion: Can Transparency Be Legislated?

News Highlights - January 5, 2015

Opinion: Transparency Isn't What Keeps Government from Working
Writers Say They Feel Censored by Surveillance
NSA Released Documents About Improper Surveillance on Christmas Eve

News Highlights - January 2, 2015

Tech-Wary Supreme Court to Finally Join the Digital Age
The Year in Government Transparency: More FOIA Lawsuits as Reform Effort Failed
FOIA Bill Post Mortem: Mysteries, Multiple Causes
The Big Question for Agencies and Open Data
Editorial: Congress Failed on Transparency by Not Updating FOIA

News Highlights -- December 27, 2014

After Scrutiny, C.I.A. Mandate Is Untouched

News Highlights - December 24, 2014

The year in government transparency: More FOIA lawsuits as reform effort failed
Meet Vice News’s Jason Leopold, the ‘FOIA Terrorist’
Opinion: Effective oversight of the CIA depends on Congress (references Why the CIA should want more congressional oversight, not less)
The big question for agencies and open data

News Highlights - December 23, 2014

The Other Torture Report: The Secret CIA Documment That Could Unravel the Case for Torture
Drones, the FATA, the President's Remarks...and the Prospect of Greater Transparency
OSTP Launches Website to Collect Data on Natural Disasters, Calls on Tech Community to Help Leverage Data
A Brief History of the CIA's Unpunished Spying on the Senate

News Highlights - December 22, 2014

Investigators Said to Seek No Penalty for CIA Computer Search
When the Government Says, "Shhh!"
Senate Moves to Open-Data Format
In 2007, One Judge Said No to the NSA

News Highlights - December 19, 2014

Senate Joins House in Publishing Legislative Information in Modern Formats
Opinion: The Need for Radical Transparency on US Torture

News Highlights - December 18, 2014

Editorial: Put FOIA Reform on 2015 Fast Track
Obama's Justice Department Secretly Helped Kill the FOIA Transparency Bill
The Lesson of the Torture Report: Governments Lie
Dept of State Delays Release of Iran History
Drone Strikes Counterproductive, Says Secret CIA Report
HHS to Lead 2-Year DATA Act Pilot
Holder OKs Limited Risen Subpoena

News Highlights - December 16, 2014

Documents Shed New Light on Legal Wrangling Over Spying in US
Set Priorities for Declassification, Study Urges
Will Private Prisons Finally Be Subject to the Freedom of Information Act?

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