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News Highlights - July 2, 2014

Some NSA Data Collection is 'Legal and Effective,' Says Independent Board
NSA Sued Over Online Technology Flaws
Opinion: More Transparency Needed in US Drone Program
Opinion: When Open Data Isn't Enough

News Highlights - July 1, 2014

Congress Quietly Deletes a Key Disclosure of Free Trips Lawmakers Take
Court Gave NSA Broad Leeway in Surveillance, Documents Show
Revealed: Feds Searched Thousands of Times for Data on Americans
Senators Question US Surveillance Transparency Report

News Highlights - June 30, 2014

Editorial: Too Much Secrecy in the War on Terror

Opinion: Improving Chemical Safety: A Baby Step in the Right Direction

Transparency Report from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence Shows Government Issuing 50 NSLs Per Day

Striving for Transparency and Accountability in Border Enforcement

Expanded Intel Whistleblower Bill Headed to the President


News Highlights - June 27, 2014

Judge Upholds Order Demanding Release of CIA Torture Accounts
"For Official Use Only" is Used Too Much at DHS, House Says
Opinion: US Should Take Lead in Setting Global Norms For Drone Strikes

News Highlights - June 26, 2014

Opinion: The Spies Who Bilked Us
Bipartisan FOIA Bill Aims to Improve Government Transparency
Intel Bill Passage is Breakthrough for Whistleblower Protections
SSCI's Cybersecurity Bill Would Chill News Reporting
Guantanamo Judge Stands Firm on CIA 'Black Site' Ruling

News Highlights - June 25, 2014

Senate Judiciary Committee Introduces FOIA Reform Bill
The Drone Memo: Secrecy Made it Worse
No-Fly List Decision on Secrecy Could Have Broad Implications
Archivist: IRS Did Not Follow Law on Lost Emails
Government Emails Have Been Disappearing for as Long as...

News Highlights - June 24, 2014

Legal Memo Backing Drone Strike That Killed American Anwar Al-Awlaki is Released
Opinion: Obama's Drone Memo is Finally Public. Now Show Us the Library of Secret Law
Editorial: A Thin Rationale for Drone Killings
A Ray of Sunlight on Obama's Extrajudicial Killings
CIA Report Now on to White House
The House Should Slow Down on a Flawed Intelligence Authorization Bill
Media Seeks Guantanamo Force-Feeding Videos

News Highlights - June 19, 2014

Undermining Transparency at the FCC
EPA Shoring Up FOIA e-Discovery Service Agency-Wide
Are Leaks an Affront to Democracy?
Details of Complaint Against Captured Benghazi Suspect Mostly Secret

News Highlights - June 18, 2014

A History of the Federal Government's 'Lost' Emails
US Senators Push Ahead with Cybersecurity Legislation
Judge Orders Release of NSA Court Surveillance Rulings

News Highlights - June 17, 2014

Court Reverses Key Ruling on Secret-Court Records
Whistleblower Advocates Praise Senate-Passed Intel Reforms
NSA Can Neither Confirm Nor Deny It Uses the Phrases it Used on a Leaked Slide
Conservatives Turn to NSA for Help Getting White House Records
Opinion: VA Fails Transparency Test Established By Obama

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