News Highlights - March 30, 2016

Second judge grants discovery in Clinton email lawsuit
Privacy watchdog chairman resigns two years before end of term
Op-Ed: We Need to Know More About When the FBI Can Access One of the NSA’s Biggest Databases
Op-ed: Obama Criticizes the Media, but His Administration Is Part of the Problem
FOIA Mapper aims to make it easier for journalists to know where to look for public documents
The National Security Archive Launches the “Cyber Vault”

News Highlights - March 29, 2016

Whistle-blower Del Toral grew tired of EPA ‘cesspool’
Secrecy System to Undergo “Thoughtful Scrutiny”
Former administration pardon attorney suggests broken system in resignation letter
Feds Must Reconsider Denial of Estate Records
Police Radio Chatter Is Open To All Ears. But Should It Be?

News Highlights - March 28, 2016

CIA photographed detainees naked before sending them to be tortured
Senator Wyden Warns That The Justice Department Is Lying To The Courts; Also Still Worried About Secret Law
Why FOIA Obligations Don't Apply to Congress

News Highlights - March 25, 2016

The Ugly Cynicism of Obama’s Declassification Diplomacy
Will Spring Bring More Sunlight? Freedom of Information on Congressional Agenda
Warrantless Wiretap Whistleblower Agrees to Punishment for Exposing Bush-Era Surveillance
Inside the FBI’s American Muslim Network
Surveillance Oversight Should Be President-Proof, But We’re Still a Long Way Off
Federal agencies on target to meet email management deadline

News Highlights - March 21, 2016

Judge wants US to protect Trump associate's secret history
​A new rule could help ensure that prosecutors share info with the defense
Op-Ed: Transparency in the Drone Wars
Union of Concerned Scientists seeks to shield scientists from public scrutiny
  Real Scrutiny of Science and Scientists Goes Well Beyond FOIA

News Highlights - March 18, 2016

Open gov organizations urge Obama to support FOIA reform
US gov't sets record for failures to find files when asked
Op-Ed: When will the US government stop persecuting whistleblowers?
Five Big Unanswered Questions About NSA’s Worldwide Spying
The U.S. Government Is Still Fighting to Bury the Senate Torture Report
Obama to Unseal Files on Argentina’s ‘Dirty War’
How the CIA is Making Sense of Big Data

News Highlights - March 16, 2016

White House: Obama would sign FOIA bill
Senate passes FOIA reform bill
DHS leads agencies in slashing FOIA backlog
'EPA Responded in the Only Way We Could,' Says Official at Center of Flint Crisis
Op-Ed: More Transparent Than Thou
FOIA managers stymied by ‘thick walls’ in trying to get records
Op-Ed: FOIA Litigation Has Its Own Rules, But We Deserve Better

News Highlights - March 15, 2016

Leahy unconcerned about FOIA reform resistance
Inmates Try To Revive Lawsuit Over Secretive Prison Units
Saving Government Email an Open Question with December 2016 Deadline Looming
Lawmaker Calls For New Limits On Detaining Witnesses