News Highlights - August 3, 2016

Agencies Are Declassifying One-Time Secrets at a Higher Rate, Archives Reports
Body-Worn Cameras: Most Major Police Departments Fail at Accountability and Transparency

News Highlights - August 1, 2016

Court strikes two blows for transparency in immigration judges case
Federal Court Rules Government Officials Can't Use Private Servers To Dodge Freedom of Information Act
Number of New Secrets in 2015 Near Historic Low

News Highlights - July 25, 2016

9/11 defense lawyers: Judge let U.S. secretly destroy CIA ‘black site’ evidence
Fingerprint checks may be flawed by bad FBI records
It’s not just Hillary Clinton. Members of Congress are careless with classified material too.

News Highlights - July 22, 2016

FOIA at 50: How American Views of Transparency Have Changed
New Whistleblower Protections for Contractors Gain Traction in Congress
It’s Time to Come to Terms With Secret Law: Part II

News Highlights - July 20, 2016

DoJ prompts agencies to get the ball rolling on new FOIA law
Health Gadgets and Apps Outpace Privacy Protections, Report Finds
How Google became a champion for government transparency