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News Highlights - May 28, 2014

US Lags in Airing Its Old Secrets
Feds Seek Extra Redactions in Drone Memo
One Year After Obama's Big Drone Speech, Many Promises Left Unkept 
FTC Asks Congress to Make Data Brokerage More Transparent 

News Highlights - May 24 - 27, 2014

Secret Laws are a Threat to American Democracy
Greenwald to publish list of U.S. citizens NSA spied on
Ethics law addresses Virginia officials’ financial dealings, but database is a tall order
White House mistakenly identifies CIA chief in Afghanistan
Title IX: The new transparency fight
Commentary: The Government Isn't Very Good at Deciding What to Keep Secret
Congress Blocks the NSA From Meddling With Encryption Standards. Finally.

News Highlights - May 23, 2014

CIA Secrecy Over Detention Program Threatens 9/11 Prosecutions, Senators Warned Obama
Editorial: A Surveillance Bill That Falls Short
Pentagon Report: Scope of Intelligence Compromised by Snowden 'Staggering'
Despite Obama's New Rules, No End in Sight for Drone War
The Year of Living More Dangerously: Obama's Drone Speech Was a Sham
David Barron and the OTHER Missing Memos

News Highlights - May 22, 2014

Presidential Records Reform Bill Advances
Opinion: A FOIA Flaw and the Obama Administration's Failure to Fix It
Opinion: FOUO? Phooey! 
Rep. Lofgren Explains How Secrecy Undermines the USA Freedom Act and Democratic Process
USA Freedom Act: Oh, Well. Whatever. Nevermind.
Judge Orders Guantanamo to Turn Over Secret Force-Feeding Videos

News Highlights - May 21, 2014

U.S. to Reveal Justification for Drone Strikes Against American Citizens
House Prepares Vote on 'Watered Down' NSA Reform Bill as Privacy Groups Drop Support
CIA Wins Secrecy for Bay of Pigs History
Treasury Officials Call for Quick Data Act Demos

News Highlights - May 20, 2014

Supreme Court to Hear Air Marshal Case About Secrecy
Obama's Report Card on Drone Policy Reform
NSA to Test Legal Limits on Surveillance if USA Freedom Act Becomes Law

News Highlights - May 19, 2014

Editorial: The Slippery Slope of Secrecy
Court Challenges Obama on Guantanamo Conditions
Opinion: Everyone Should Know Just How Much the Government Lied to Defend the NSA
Opinion: Missing: Obama Administration Rationale for 'Kill Memos'
The Future of Open Public Records

News Highlights - May 16, 2014

DOJ: Summer Release 'Likely' for Senate's CIA Torture Report
Senate to Vote on Lawyer Who Authored Drone Strike Memos
The 'Culture of Misinformation' and the Government's Representations to the Supreme Court in Clapper
Addressing Liability: Balancing Records Management and Open Data

News Highlights - May 15, 2014

US Revealed Secret Legal Basis For NSA Program to Sprint, Documents Show
Feinstein Wants CIA to Speed 'Torture Report' Release
Opinion: There's No Good Reason for Keeping OLC Opinions Confidential

News Highlights - May 14, 2014

Justice Dept. Criticized on Spying Statements
Reporters Committee Leads Media Groups in Brief Urging Broad View of News Media for FOIA Fees
Inside the Obama Administration Fight Over the Drone Memo
Editorial: Backsliding on Secrecy

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