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Syndicate contentNews’s Statement on the Senate's Failure to Advance USA Freedom Act is disappointed at the Senate’s failure to advance the compromise version of the USA Freedom Act (S. 2685) last night. The bill contained important advances for transparency about surveillance, though they were only a first step towards the disclosures that are necessary to restore democratic accountability.

News Highlights - November 19, 2014

Primary Sources: How a New Bill Could Force More Government Transparency
The Third Time Around the Declassified Track, Some Things are Still Secret
Bill to Restrict NSA Data Collection Blocked in Vote by Senate Republicans
There's a Commerce Department 'SWAT Team' Opening Up Government Data
Dianne Feinstein Says Torture Report Almost Ready for Release After Months of Delay

News Highlights - November 18, 2014

"No Fly" List to Offer Increased Transparency
Is State's Reluctance to Disclose Hack a Double Standard?
Pentagon and Hill Officials Say They're Still in the Dark on Obama's New War Powers
OGIS Launches First Agency Assessment Supports Passage of the USA Freedom Act, Opposes Any Amendments to Weaken the Bill

Over the summer, and a group of other transparency organizations wrote to Senate leadership to request that they allow a floor vote on the Senate compromise version of the USA FREEDOM Act, without any changes that weaken the text.

News Highlights - November 17, 2014

Report: Secret Government Program Uses Aircraft for Mass Cellphone Surveillance
The Unblinking Stare
Justice Dept. Apologizes for Inaccuracy in National Security Letters Case
More Transparency in the Works at OSC
Will Obama Be the Last Open Data President?
At Supreme Court, Secretiveness Attracts Snoops

News Highlights - November 14, 2014

Opinion: Is the US Really Against Torture? It Can Be Hard to Tell
Udall: 'All Options' on Table with CIA Report
Justice Department Admits it Misled Court About FBI's Secret Surveillance Program
Defining a 21st Century Government
Congress Must Give Intelligence Contractors Whistleblower Protections, Groups Urge

News Highlights - November 13, 2014

US Tells UN Panel of Steps to Revise Interrogation Policy
After an Errant Drone Strike in Yemen, a Trail of Secret Meetings and US Cash
Presidential Records Bill Heads to Obama
Opinion: Veteran's Access Law Stresses Transparency
Harry Reid Moves for Senate Vote on NSA Reform

News Highlights - November 10, 2014

Senate Panel Plans Vote on FOIA Update
Opinion: Pentagon's Secrecy Regarding Chemical Agents Endangers Troops and Insults Veterans
Furor Over CIA Shake-Up of Email System
Opening Up Government Reports with Teamwork and Open Data
Army Equipment Lost in Afghanistan (FOUO)

News Highlights - November 7, 2014

Border Stat Posted, and Then Removed
9/11 Defense Counsel on Proposed Destruction of CIA Emails
Intelligence Agency GCs Seek Surveillance Transparency
The Senate Report on CIA Interrogation is About to Reignite Debate Over the Killing of Osama Bin Laden
Media Coalition Files Comments on Restrictive Department of Defense FOIA Regulations
Chief Tidwell Directs Forest Service: No Permits, Feeds for Journos

News Highlights - November 6, 2014

Getting Specific About Transparency, Privacy, and Free Expression Online
SEC Raises Barrier to Disclosure of Information
Don't Let Open Government Leadership Lapse

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