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News Highlights - February 28, 2014

Clinton Library to Make First Release of Withheld Documents 
Outgoing NSA Chief Keith Alexander Signals Openness to Surveillance Reform 

News Highlights - February 27, 2014

DOJ Still Ducking Scrutiny after Misleading Supreme Court on Surveillance
Putting Declassified Records to Good Use
Editorial: FOIA Reform a Step Forward for Government Transparency
Bart Gellman's NSL

News Highlights- February 26, 2014

NSA Watchdog: Snowden Should Have Come to Me
House FOIA Bill a Good First Step; FOIA Reform Now In the Hands of the Senate
Secrecy, Nonacknowledgement, and Yemen
USS Cole Lawyers, Judge Hold Secret Session on Impact of War Court Secrecy

News Highlights - February 25, 2014

The NSA's Culture of 'Legal Compliance' Still Breaks the Law
Spy Chief James Clapper: We Can't Stop Another Snowden
New Details of Attack on Yemeni Wedding Prompt More Demands Obama Explain Drone Policy
Opinion: Snowden-Type Leaks Will Force the US to Be More Transparent

News Highlights- February 24, 2014

Opinion: Bringing Democracy to National Security Policy
Attorney General Signs New Rules to Limit Access to Journalists' Records 
Behold the Selective Outrage Over National Security Leaks
Lawyers, Judge Hold Secret Guantanamo Hearing On CIA Black Sites

News Highlights - February 21, 2014

NSA Explores Options for Relinquishing Vast Telephone Record Database
Missing Transparency: Is the US Response to Reported Drone Attack on Wedding Party Self-Defeating?
Identities of 71 Gitmo Prisoners Eligible for Hearings Released by US
Opinion: The NSA is Still Violating Our Rights, Despite What James Clapper Says

News Highlights - February 20, 2014

Obama Folds on Aid Order Secrecy
NSA Weighs Retaining Data for Suits
Dems Press Holder on Secret FBI Letters

News Highlights - February 19, 2014

Reading Between the Lines of Redacted NSA Documents
AT&T Got National Security Requests for 35,000 Accounts

News Highlights - February 18, 2014

Ads Push Cameras in Supreme Court
Obama DOJ's New Abuse of State-Secrets Privilege Revealed
Spy Chief: We Should Have Told You We Track Your Calls
Group Tries to Slow Government's Move from Paper to the Web

News Highlights - February 14, 2014

Sen. Levin's Bid to Boost Drone Oversight Falters in Congress
Top Pentagon Leader Ordered Destruction of Bin Laden Death Photos
Opinion: A New Assault on Freedom of the Press
'This Agency Neither Confirms Nor Denies the Existence of Such Records'
Watchdog: No Docs on White House Political Office

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