News Highlights - December 11, 2015

House report: Obama officials misled public on Bergdahl swap
FBI tests eFOIA portal, good government groups take issue with ID requirement
Op-Ed: Bill on tracking payments good for transparency
Are agencies listening to their watchdogs?

News Highlights - December 10, 2015

Librarians and privacy advocates ally to condemn cybersecurity bill
America’s secret arsenal
Gitmo’s Defense Lawyers Are Still In The Dark A Year After The Torture Report

News Highlights - December 9, 2015

FBI to sharply expand system for tracking fatal police shootings
FBI admits it uses stingrays, zero-day exploits
Army recommends no further punishment for Petraeus
FOIA Advisory Committee To Act on Inadequate OMB Fee Guidance
Government Suspected Of Wanting CIA Torture Report To Remain Secret

News Highlights - December 8, 2015

Nobody Is Quite Sure Who’s Managing Guantanamo’s Secrets
A-130 feedback urges more emphasis on commercial cloud in IT policy revisions
Cyber bill's final language likely to anger privacy advocates
Appeals Court Hears Arguments Tomorrow on Blocked Chicken Info

News Highlights - December 7, 2015

IRS Chief Acknowledges Use of ‘Stingray’ E-Surveillance Program
Torture Report Author Quietly Leaves The Senate
Inspector General's Report: Still Lots Of Problems At DOJ Agencies, Who I Now Have To Ask For Permission To See Documents
The CIA Won’t Reveal What’s in its Secret Art Collection

News Highlights - December 4, 2015

Transparency lacking in the oil, mining, and gas industries
Sanctioned biolabs' names still kept secret despite White House memo
With 1 year until deadline, State Dept. begins search for email records management system

News Highlights - December 2, 2015

Op-Ed: Setting the record straight on intelligence whistleblower rights
Exclusive: The FBI wants your ID if you want their information
Op-Ed: The Real Problem With Police Video

News Highlights - December 1, 2015

Cybersecurity Bills Would Add Secrecy to Public Records Laws
Scope of Secretive FBI National Security Letters Revealed by First Lifted Gag Order
Press Release: Cohen Bill to Increase Government Transparency Passes House
White House promises governors more transparency on Syrian refugees

News Highlights - November 30, 2015

Resisting FOIA Request, IRS Ordered to Pay Attorney’s Fees in Case Impacting Release of Federal Records
Whistleblower: Peace Corps Ignored and Then Blamed Sexual Assault Victims
Op-Ed: Is there a magic bullet to reduce police misconduct? (Registration required)