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News Highlights - April 24, 2014

Opinion: The US Intelligence Chief's Gag Order Does Not Stir Trust
The Al-Awlaki Decision: No Triumph for Transparency?
NARA Needs to Embrace Role as Declassification Transformer in New Open Government Plan
Can Journalists Protect Their National Security Sources?
Report on CIA Interrogation Shadows Gitmo Trials

News Highlights - April 23, 2014

Opinion: No More Secrecy for a Memo on Killing Americans
Opinion: On Combatting Government Secrecy: One Step Forward, One Leap Back
George W. Bush Surprises on Presidential Records
Court Decision Supports Broader Disclosures on US Drone War
The Second Circuit and the Vices of Selective Transparency

News Highlights - April 22, 2014

Opinion: Transparency on Targeted Killings
Opinion: Intelligence Budget Should Not Be Secret
Online Rights Groups Call for Encryption Reform
Official Denies FBI Was Investigating Manifesto Leak
EPIC Case Will Define Government Records

News Highlights - April 21, 2014

Panel Orders Release of Memo in 2011 Targeted Killing of Awlaki 
Intelligence Directive Bars Contact with News Media
The Mentality of J.Edgar Hoover's FBI Undergirds Today's Surveillance State
Readings: NSA Report on the 702 Program

News Highlights - April 18, 2014

Ginsburg, Scalia Discuss NSA, Freedoms
Audio: What Does a Digital Congress Look Like?
Records in Corporate Challenge to Government Product-Safety Database Must Be Open
Jay Carney Mocks Transparency While Touting It

News Highlights - April 17, 2014

Stopping Intelligence Scandals Before They Start
OIRA Makes Much-Needed Improvements to Online Database
Guantanamo Judge to CIA: Disclose 'Black Site' Details to USS Cole Defense Lawyers 
Clinton White House Records on Nixon, Oprah, and Russert Due Out
History of 1953 CIA Covert Action in Iran to be Published
Should Every Agency Have an IG?
Court Orders Identity of 'Company Doe' Revealed

News Highlights - April 16, 2014

Opinion: Passage of the DATA Act is a Major Advance in Government Transparency
Spring Brings Hope--Even About Transparency and Accountability in Government
Want to Know How Much Top HUD Officials Make? It Will Be Posted Online
Obama Aid Council Faces Questions
Launching the First Open Government Awards

News Highlights - April 15, 2014

Senate Panel Probing Torture Report Leak
'Huge Loopholes' in New NSA Policy?

News Highlights - April 14, 2014

Judge Rejects Suit for Al-Awlaki Legal Memos 
CIA and White House Under Pressure after Senate Torture Report Leaks 
Rep. Quigley Raises Important Transparency Questions to OMB Director Burwell
The Bill to Track Every Federal Dollar Somehow United Cummings and Issa

News Highlights - April 11, 2014

Senate Passes Data Act
Opinion: The Senate Report on the CIA's Interrogation Program Should Be Made Public
House Dems Urge Obama to Quickly Declassify CIA Report
Blowing the Whistle at Your Agency May Have Just Gotten Easier
Selective Service System Can't Access its FOIA Database

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