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News Highlights - April 2, 2014

Senate's Feud with CIA Over Torture Report: Sound and Fury But Few Answers
How the NSA Used a 'Loophole' to Spy on Americans
Court Orders Government Not to Destroy Evidence in EFF Cases Against the NSA
CREW Scores Major FOIA Victory in Tom DeLay Case

News Highlights - April 1, 2014

CIA Misled on Interrogation Program, Senate Report Says
Dianne Feinstein Set to Move on Interrogation Report
FOIA Exemptions Provide Ample Cover for Bureaucrats Hiding Agency Secrets, Transparency Advocates Say

News Highlights - March 31, 2014

Opinion: Our Government is Always Hiding Something
Cyber-Security: Hagel, at NSA Headquarters, Promises More Transparency
Missing the Open Source Center/World News Connection
Afghanistan Withdrawal and Wartime Contract Oversight

USA Today: A Growing Disregard for Openness

"Reforms were established after the Church Committee investigation, but the most effective oversight has resulted from strengthening the FOIA in 1974. Since then, most investigations of intelligence agencies have been initiated not as a result of congressional oversight initiatives, but as a result of evidence released in response to FOIA requests."

News Highlights - March 28, 2014

Opinion: Casting Sunlight on Secret Government and Its Contractors
White House Unveils Plan to End NSA's Bulk Collection of Phone Data
Opinion: Big Data Needs a Helping Hand in Washington

News Highlights - March 27, 2014

US Lawmakers to Vote on Secret CIA Interrogation Report
Must Every Federal Bureaucrat Speak Off the Record?
Franz Kafka Meets the National Security Agency
Opinion: Sunshine Week Highlights Need for FOIA Reform
How State Secrecy Protects Government Agencies from Embarassment, Then and Now

News Highlights - March 26, 2014

Opinion: Mr. Obama's Limits on Phone Records
Obama's NSA Proposal Reveals a Broken Oversight System
Intel Panel Pushes Back Interrogation Vote
Intelligence Official Cited for "Unauthorized Disclosure" to Congress: Oversight on the Rocks
Why Dianne Feinstein Can't Control the CIA
"No Plans to Change" High Court Access Policies

News Highlights - March 25, 2014

Obama to Call for End to NSA's Bulk Data Collection
Did the CIA Violate the Constitution's Speech or Debate Clause? 
A Tale of Two Torture Reports
Feds: Leaker's Plea Spares Secrets
Security Cleared Population Rises to 5.1 Million

News Highlights - March 21 - 24, 2014

Spy Chief James Clapper Wins Rosemary Award
Terror report release may fuel Congress’ CIA spat
Democrats have votes to release CIA report
Senior Officials Were Taking Personal Trips on Government Aircraft and Not Reporting It
Report: Half of agency FOIA regulations out of date
Internet companies push Wyden on trade transparency

News Highlights - March 20, 2014

Opinion: Mixed Picture for this Sunshine Week
Opinion: We Need Congress to Fix the FOIA
Holder: No DOJ Decision on CIA-Senate Flap Probe
Director of National Intelligence General Counsel: "Not Can We Classify--But Should We?"
US Joins International Effort to Bring Transparency to Drilling, Mining Industries
White House Releases Climate Data Set, Challenges Developers to Use It
White House: Fewer Feds Should Have Clearances

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