News Highlights - September 29, 2016

The CIA is trying to protect the privacy rights of someone who doesn’t exist
Guantánamo to court: We’re demolishing part of a prison, former tube-feeding site. Don’t interfere
Justice Department Is Fighting Fired FBI Agent’s Use of Whistleblower Defense

News Highlights - September 27, 2016

Senators draft bill to protect nuclear whistleblowers
FOIA deal could speed release of Clinton emails
A New Intelligence Award for “Reporting Wrongdoing”
CIA Can Withhold Info on Bin Laden Book

News Highlights - September 22, 2016

Op-Ed: Flint and fighting for public's right to know
IRS Must Dig Up More Records for Activists
A U.S. judge just disclosed how often law enforcement asked to secretly track electronic records
Missed deportee fingerprints spark legislation

News Highlights - September 21, 2016

ACLU calls for transparency about police surveillance
Alex Howard: Making presidential transition more transparent
Rep. Keith Ellison introduces gun policy transparency act