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News Highlights - March 23, 2015

Judge Orders Release of Detainee Abuse Photos
Unnecessary Freedom of Information Act Fees
Opinion: Federal Bureau's Rule on Fracking Violates President's Open Data Policy
Hillary Clinton's State Department Wanted to Cut Back on Email Saving Duties

News Highlights - March 20, 2015

Mammoth Transparency Bill Returns as Scandals, Secrecy Rage
Few Levers to Keep Records Scofflaws in Line
In Congress, a Double Standard for Email
Lawmakers Call for Cameras in High Court

News Highlights - March 18, 2015

Groups Want Digital Copies of Hillary Clinton Emails
Postal Service and the IRS Join the CIA in Handing Out GLOMAR Denials
Editorial: Make Government Secrecy the Exception
FCC Head Has No Answer for FOIA Redactions
Opinion: Celebrating Our Right to Know

News Highlights - March 17, 2015

Transparency Advocates Launch Sunshine Week with Mixed Reviews for Obama
What's Going On In Obama's Trade Meeting With Democrats? That's Classified.
Opinion: Why a Ninety Percent Commitment to Openness Isn't Enough
Has Obama Delivered the 'Most Transparent' Administration in History?
The IRS Doubles Down on Secrecy
Three Federal Departments Ignored Law Requiring FOIA Compliance Reports
The National Security Archive's FOILIES Nominations

News Highlights - March 16, 2015

Why Customs Officials Struggle to Fulfill Obama's Open-Government Promise
ACLU Files New Lawsuit Over Obama Administration Drone 'Kill List'
Big Fees to View Public Documents Discourage Public Access
Editorial: Federal Agencies Stiff-Arm FOIA Requests
Opinion: Posting FOIA Releases Online Saves Agencies Time and Money
Editorial Cartoonists on Government Transparency

News Highlights - March 12, 2015

Whistleblowers and the Prosecution Loophole
State IG Report: Lapses in Email Record Keeping at Agency
A Claim of No Classified Emails in a Place That Classifies Routinely
Senator Seeks Answers on Use of Private Email by Special Government Employees
Interior, Agriculture Departments Unveil Initiative to Make More Data About Public Lands Available
How Whistleblowers Helped Government Curb DHS Overtime Abuse
Amid Fears of NSA Spying, Senate Panel to Vote on Cybersecurity Bill

News Highlights - March 11, 2015

Senate Torture Report Exposed Misdeeds, But There May Never Be a Similar Probe of CIA Drones
Leak Investigation Stalls Amid Fears of Confirming US-Israel Operation
Report: Clinton State Department One of Least Transparent Agencies
New FOIA Training Targets 'Everyday Employee'
Opinion: Republicans Are Mad About Clinton's Emails. So Pass FOIA Refom.
Eric Holder Used Email Aliases. DOJ Says It Wasn't a Transparency Dodge.

News Highlights - March 10, 2015

Opinion: Embarrassment--Not Security--Drives Government Secrecy
Agencies Fail to Make the Grade on FOIA Requests
Subtle Push Against FOIA Bill Begins in Administrative Branch
Clinton's Printed Emails a Headache for Archivists
Editorial: The Public Deserves Answers, Not Stonewalling, from Hillary Clinton

News Highlights - March 9, 2015

Senate Torture Report: An Exception in CIA Oversight
VA Doesn't Release 140 Vet Health Care Findings
Clinton Wants You to See Her E-Mails, Except the Ones She Didn't Hand Over

News Highlights - March 6, 2015

Opinion: Why the FBI Needs to Protect Its Intelligence Whistleblowers
Senate Panel Approves Bill to Make IGs Stronger, More Transparent
Clinton E-Mail Review Could Find Security Issues
It Could Be a Very Long Time Before Hillary Clinton's State Department E-mails See the Light of Day
Opinion: Technology Doesn't Guarantee Government Transparency
FOIA Reform Legislation, and More from CRS

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