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News Highlights - October 16, 2014

Government Becomes Master of Its Data Domain
Justice Department Seeks Delay in Redacting, Releasing Guantanamo Force-Feeding Videos
Opinion: James Risen is Not Going to Let the US Fear-Mongering Machine Win in Secret
A New Way to Find Federal Contracting Information

News Highlights - October 15, 2014

The Secret Casualties of Iraw's Abandoned Chemical Weapons
Justice Dept. Phone Data Memo to Remain Secret
What's Holding Up Release of the CIA 'Torture Report'?
On Leak Prosecutions, Obama Takes it to 11. (Or Should We Say 526?)
How Much Do Obama's Fundraising Trips Cost? Mum's the Word.
What's So Secret About the Price of Dell and HP PCs?
October 21st FOIA Advisory Committee to be Live Streamed
White House Pool Reporters Test Own New Distribution System

News Highlights - October 14, 2014

Shh! Last Week Was All About Secrets
Former NSA Director Says Government Shouldn't Pursue James Risen
Feds Buy Back USAspending Website After Contractor Bankruptcy
Review Board Puts on Hold Firing of Army Police Whistleblower
Opinion: Sunlight is Better Than Darkness

News Highlights - October 10, 2014

Report on Disclosures to the Media is Classified
Supreme Court Whistleblower Case Has Broad Reach
Court Spotlights the FBI's Super-Secret National Security Letters
The Aid Transparency Index is Out--How Did the US Do?
Judge Issues Timetable for Release of Gitmo Force-Feeding Tapes

News Highlights - October 9, 2014 Sheds Beta Label, Enhances Legislative Information Offerings
Solving the Problem of Uniquely Identifiying Contractors
Opinion: Balancing Scales of Justice for Whistleblowers
EPA Tells Court It May Have Lost Text Messages
OMB and NARA Set Dates for Electronic Records Management

News Highlights - October 8, 2014

The Most Important National Security Secrets Case You've Never Heard Of
CIA Didn't Know it Had Senate 'Torture' Report
Opinion: Let's Lift the Supreme Court's Veil of Secrecy
Twitter Sues US Government Over Limits on Ability to Disclose Surveillance Orders

News Highlights - October 7, 2014

LTEs: Government shouldn’t be afraid of transparency
Obama's murky record on transparency reforms
EPIC Sues CIA For Release Of Senate Spying Report
Transcript of 1954 Oppenheimer Hearing Declassified in Full
When the Government’s Secrecy Arguments Are Not Blindly Accepted by Judges

News Highlights - October 6, 2014

Judge Orders Public Release of Guantanamo Force-Feeding Videos
How the Secret Service's Problems Became a Secret in Washington
Opinion: Transparency Critics are Peddling Public Ignorance to 'Fix' Government
OMB Sets Metrics for Email, Grants Management 
Supreme Court's Website Makeover Debuts Monday

News Highlights - October 3, 2014, Now Less Useful!
Judge Won't Close Guantanamo Force-Feeding Hearing
Opinion: It's Time to Pass the USA Freedom Act--Warts and All
DoD to Be More Transparent About Strategy to Deter Cyber Attacks
CIA Sued Over Senate Spying

News Highlights - October 2, 2014

CIA Asks to Destroy Email of Non-Senior Agency Officials
US Bid for Secret Gitmo Force-Feeding Hearings Challenged
Authorities Think About Telling You if You're Watchlisted From Warrantless Spying
You Can't FOIA the Capitol Police

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