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News Highlights - May 6, 2014

Drone Memo Author Endorsed Call for Transparency
House Judiciary to Move on NSA Reform Bill 
DATA Act Could Transform Government, Save Billions

News Highlights - May 5, 2014

Guantanamo Prosecutor Fights Release of Classified Information to Defense
Senate Dems Antsy Over WH Release of CIA Report
Michael Hayden's Unwitting Case Against Secret Surveillance
Opinion: Obama Doesn't Deserve Deference on Drone Deaths

News Highlights - May 2, 2014

Lawsuit Seeks Access to More Secret Court Opinions
Using Classification Challenges to Curb Secrecy
Opinion: Secrets and Lies of Obama's Drone War
Williams & Connolly Lose FOIA bid for Consultant Information

News Highlights - May 1, 2014

Surveillance Orders Declined in 2013
New NSA Chief Michael Rogers: Agency Has Lost Americans' Trust
The Light Hiding Under McCutcheon's Bushel: Transparency
More Secret 9/11 Documents Identified, But FBI Has Yet to Turn Them Over to Judge

News Highlights - April 30, 2014

Congress to Feds: You're on the Hook for Spending Transparency
Heading Up Senate Report Declassification, CIA Has History of Tightly Guarding Its Own Secrets
Opinion: How Many Have We Killed?

News Highlights - April 29, 2014

Senate Drops Bid to Report on Drone Use
ODNI Seeks to Obscure CIA Role in  Human Intelligence
Information on Judges' Disclosure Forms Often Blacked Out
Heartbleed: Understanding When We Disclose Cyber Vulnerabilities
Data Act Sent to President
Opinion: Another Secret FISA Opinion Disclosed, and a Question for Stewart Baker

News Highlights - April 28, 2014

House Members Denied Look at CIA Report
DC Thinks it Can Silence a New Snowden But the Anti-Leaks Hypocrisy is Backfiring
Secrets Revealed: The Government's No-Fly List Arguments Aren't Flying
White House Review of Clinton Records Extended Again 

News Highlights - April 25, 2014

House Members Push for Open Debate on NSA Snooping
Probe: DHS Watchdog Cozy with Officials, Altered Reports as He Sought Top Job
Pentagon Dossier to Detail Secretive US Afghan Detainee Policy
Opinion: Obama's Drone Warfare: A Legal Way to Kill?

News Highlights - April 24, 2014

Opinion: The US Intelligence Chief's Gag Order Does Not Stir Trust
The Al-Awlaki Decision: No Triumph for Transparency?
NARA Needs to Embrace Role as Declassification Transformer in New Open Government Plan
Can Journalists Protect Their National Security Sources?
Report on CIA Interrogation Shadows Gitmo Trials

News Highlights - April 23, 2014

Opinion: No More Secrecy for a Memo on Killing Americans
Opinion: On Combatting Government Secrecy: One Step Forward, One Leap Back
George W. Bush Surprises on Presidential Records
Court Decision Supports Broader Disclosures on US Drone War
The Second Circuit and the Vices of Selective Transparency

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