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News Highlights - November 15, 2013

US Gov't Wants to Litigate Disclosure Case in Secret
The Fastest-Growing Washington Industry You've Never Heard Of
Congress Gets a New Internet Home
Google Transparency Report Curiously Opaque, Thanks to FBI Gag Order 

News Highlights - November 14, 2013

NSA Transparency Hurts Americans' Privacy, Feds Say With Straight Face 
Surveillance Panel Gives White House Interim Report
Meet the Punk Rocker Who Can Liberate Your FBI File
Opinion: After NSA Spying Revelations, US Must Reform Rules on Secrecy and Data

News Highlights - November 13, 2013

Leaks Divide Supporters, Opponents of Media Shield Bill
Plenty of Work Remains to Fulfill Promise of Transparency Laws
Obamacare Website Not the Only One Malfunctioning
Opinion: Why Does Anyone Trust the National Security State?

News Highlights - November 12, 2013

Opinion: Farm Bill Threatens Our Right to Know
Judge: Show Me Obama Foreign Aid Order
Tiny Bubbles: Afghan Reconstruction Oversight Shrinks
Opinion: Secrecy vs. Democracy
What the US National Action Plan is Missing

News Highlights - November 8, 2013

Senate Commitee Approves New Whistleblower Protections
Farm Bill Could Hide Farm Locations from Public
Looking for Needles in a Federal Haystack

News Highlights - November 7, 2013

DOD Special Access Records to Stay Classified At Least 40 Years
Intel IG Rebuffs Hill on Surveillance Probe
Independent Board Preparing NSA Recommendations
If the CIA Can't Find Its Own Secrets, Snowden Didn't Stand a Change
Editorial: Farm Bill Undermines FOIA
At 'Peak Open,' Open Government Partnership Faces Default States of Closed

News Highlights - November 6, 2013

Good Government Coalition Supports Digital Accountability and Transparency Act
History's 'Blackouts' Revealed by Data-Mining Archive

News Highlights - November 5, 2013

Opinion: Open Government Partnership Should Foster Accountability and Social Justice
Opinion: Declassify Senate Torture Report
Intelligence Collection and the Rule of Law
Sandy Aid Website Doesn't Live Up to Stimulus-Tracking Standards
More Attempts to Block EPA FOIA Releases in Farm Bill

News Highlights - October 29 - November 4, 2013

US Rights Groups Push for Declassification of Counterterrorism Documents
Government Can Brief Judge on Security Risks of Releasing Classified Information
White House Inflated Transparency Achievements
Calculating FOIA Response Times After the Government Shutdown
Evaluating the National Action Plan Freedom of Information Act Proposals
Open Data Executive Order Deliverables Delayed
Number of Secret Inventions Grew Last Year
Intelligence Spending Dropped Sharply Last Year
Opinion: In Wake of Snowden, US Must Strengthen Commitment to Openness

News Highlights - October 26 -28, 2013

Pressing Forward Toward New Frontiers of Open Government
UN Experts Call for More Transparency on US Drone Strikes, Urge Other Countries to Speak Up
At Supreme Court, Tradition Trumps Transparency, Technology
Guantanamo Lawyers Appeal to Obama on CIA Secrets
US to Make FOI Reform Major Part of OGP Plan
Clapper Memo Reveals Rationale Behind NSA Review Group Secrecy

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