News Highlights - July 25, 2016

9/11 defense lawyers: Judge let U.S. secretly destroy CIA ‘black site’ evidence
Fingerprint checks may be flawed by bad FBI records
It’s not just Hillary Clinton. Members of Congress are careless with classified material too.

News Highlights - July 22, 2016

FOIA at 50: How American Views of Transparency Have Changed
New Whistleblower Protections for Contractors Gain Traction in Congress
It’s Time to Come to Terms With Secret Law: Part II

News Highlights - July 20, 2016

DoJ prompts agencies to get the ball rolling on new FOIA law
Health Gadgets and Apps Outpace Privacy Protections, Report Finds
How Google became a champion for government transparency

News Highlights - July 18, 2016

Justice department 'uses aged computer system to frustrate Foia requests'
White House pushes agency heads to expand open data
Pages of U.S. 9/11 report detailing possible Saudi ties made public

News Highlights - July 15, 2016

Court concludes FOIA does not require release of booking photos
Op-Ed: When weapons of war come home to domestic crime scenes
U.S. Privacy and Civil Liberty Watchdog Faces Limits in Congress

News Highlights - July 14, 2016

5 bills House lawmakers wanted to act on before summer break
Obama’s Interrogation Methods
Better tech, stronger disclosure policies could improve FOIA — experts

News Highlights - July 13, 2016

Op-Ed: Grassley would shed light on police shootings
Whistle-Blower on N.S.A. Wiretapping Is Set to Keep Law License
Is Section 702 on the verge of reform?
The FBI has quietly gathered 400,000 iris scans
​​​​​​​FBI to return thousands of recovered Clinton emails to State Department for potential release