News Highlights - June 27, 2016

A Less-Secret Drone Campaign
FBI’s Secret Surveillance Tech Budget Is ‘Hundreds of Millions’
How Much To Access Government Data On Immigration? Only $173,775

News Highlights - June 22, 2016

They want their public documents. They’re not taking no for an answer.
House Passes Bill to Beef Up Inspector General Powers
How Wall Street gets all Big Brother on emails

News Highlights - June 17, 2016]

CIA Director Owes Answers on Accountability for Torture
You could be in this FBI facial-recognition system and not even know it
Old New York Police Surveillance Is Found, Forcing Big Brother Out of Hiding
You’ve Heard of the DATA Act. Now, Get Ready for the EDIT Act.

News Highlights - June 15, 2016

Newly released CIA files expose grim details of agency interrogation program
Recoverable? 100,000 Air Force Inspector General reports in limbo after systemwide crash
Bill to Prevent 'Power-Hungry' Feds from Hiding Information Heads to Obama