News Highlights - August 26, 2016

SEC Censures 71 Governments for Lack of Fiscal Transparency
Police Unions Demand Extra Pay For Accountability And Transparency
House Oversight Demands Info on DHS Senior Staff Private Email Use... Again

News Highlights - August 25, 2016

The Pentagon’s use of FOIA is flawed. Now it wants to make it even stricter.
CIA releases thousands of previously classified briefings to Presidents Nixon and Ford
Who Dies in Police Custody? Texas, California Offer New Tools to Find Out

News Highlights - August 24, 2016

From Guantanamo Bay’s top secret cells: The first appearance of a terrorism suspect who vanished in 2002
Final rule for federal contracting calls for compliance, transparency

News Highlights - August 22, 2016

Transparency takes center stage in campaign for White House
Agencies could face govermentwide change in FOIA response policy
Attorney Says FBI Lied About Spying on Press

News Highlights - August 18, 2016

Judge orders FBI, Ortiz to turn over documents on Mass. Joint Terrorism Task Forces
Federal open-source policy isn't open enough, says tech group
Whistleblowers Exposed Contractors Who Sold Defective Helmets to Pentagon