News Highlights - March 24, 2017

How Transparent Is Too Transparent, Oversight Committee Asks
How the government may have spied on Trump's team
Wyden: Gorsuch worked to enable torture, secret law

News Highlights - March 23, 2017

Congress Demands Info on Russia, Turkey Payments to Michael Flynn
Facial Recognition Hearing Looks to Give Lawmakers Clearer Picture on Creepy Technology
NARA: More agencies than expected missed 2016 email deadline

News Highlights - March 21, 2017

Trump Administration Removes LGBTQ Questions From Elderly Survey
ICE Refuses to Release More Comprehensive Detainer Data
U.S. judge: ICE said Austin raid was because of ‘sanctuary’ policy
Op-Ed: Strengthening the CIA Drone Program Will Hurt Accountability

News Highlights - March 16, 2017

What’s The Department Of Homeland Security Hiding?
The Transparency Bills That Would Gut the EPA
Citizens' group aims to investigate CIA rendition program

News Highlights - March 15, 2017

Majority of Agencies Have Fallen Behind on Updating FOIA Rules
Does Congress need a digital service?
Celebrate Sunshine Week By Transcribing Once Top-Secret Documents

News Highlights - March 14, 2017

Obama’s Final Year: US Spent $36 Million in Records Lawsuits
DOJ Delivered Only Copy of SSCI Report to Court, Senate Democrats Write
Trump gives CIA power to launch drone strikes: report
Report: Access to government information will probably worsen in the Trump administration

News Highlights - March 13, 2017

In a fact-challenged era, will public access to federal data be the next casualty?
Op-Ed: Here’s proof that the GOP health-care plan is driven by politics
Ex-CIA director Hayden says millennials leak secrets because they are ‘culturally’ different
Op-Ed: We have a right and responsibility to know what government is doing
Op-Ed: The fight for open government is more important than ever
Op-Ed: Sunshine Week: The media are your allies, not your enemies