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News Highlights - February 26, 2015

Powerful Senate Republican Tamping Down Torture Disclosures
Senator Demands Disclosure of Inspectors General Salaries
Lawmakers Create Whistleblower Caucus

News Highlights - February 25, 2015

IGs Ask Congress to Strengthen Oversight Tools
What is No Longer Classified?
'Torture Report' Reshapes Conversation in Guantanamo Courtroom
Rise of Chief Data Officers Promises More Open Access to Government Data

News Highlights - February 24, 2015

Rejection of NSA Whistleblower's Retaliation Claim Draws Criticism
National Archives Chief Outlines 80-Year Cleanup Job
The Unredacted Truth About Spare Parts Overcharges
Supreme Court Denies Terror Defendant Access to Surveillance Documents

News Highlights - Feburary 23, 2015

Moving Beyond the PDF Era: 3 Reasons to Embrace Financial Transparency
Secrecy Around a Police Surveillance Equipment Proves a Case's Undoing
The FBI Can't Find the Drone Privacy Reports It's Legally Required to Have

News Highlights - February 20, 2015

America Needs a New FOIA Overseer: Is It You? 
FBI Flouts Obama Directive to Limit Gag Orders on National Security Letters

News Highlights - February 19, 2015

Freedom of Information? Not where Food Safety is Concerned
Amid Open Data Push, Agencies Feel Urge for Analytics
Opinion: Why Kapersky Was Right to Reveal NSA Secrets

News Highlights - February 18, 2015

Editorial: A Stronger Freedom of Information Act
Destroyed by the Espionage Act
Lawmakers Push for Obama to Break Seal on 9/11 Pages
CIA Is Said to HAve Bought and Destroyed Iraqui Chemical Weapons
Opinion: Congress Should Not Undo Progress on Financial Data Reform
CIA Needs Just 6 Years to Release Data, Not 28

News Highlights - February 13, 2015

Did the House Intelligence Committee Violate Congressional Transparency Rules?
House Ethics Committee Briefly Opens Its Doors
DNI Issues Directive on 'Critical Information'
FBI Says All Public Records Requests for Stingray Documents Must Be Routed Through It
Classified and Public: B-53 Bomb Yield Declassified
Opinion: What People Mean When They Say 'Audit the Fed'
Dusting Off the Church Committee an Option for Overhauling Oversight

News Highlights - February 12, 2015

Senators Urge Federal Court to Make Public Memos of US Citizens Being Targets of Anti-Terror Drone Strikes
FOIA Advisory Committee's Third Meeting Tackles 508 Compliance
Making Aid Transparency a Reality

News Highlights - February 11, 2015

NGA Banks on the Power of Transparency
Has the US Taken the Lead in Open Data Practices Globally?
Surveillance and the Vanishing Right to Know
At Some Federal Courts, 'Hear Ye' Remains Hard to Hear

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