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News Highlights - January 23, 2015

Editorial: Eric Holder's Crackdown on Leaks Chills Free Speech
Can You Have a Transparent Spy Agency?
Justice Dept. Defends Torture Report Secrecy

News Highlights - January 22, 2015

High Court Bolsters Whistleblower Protection
GOP Senator Wants to Make Sure the Full CIA Torture Report Never Sees the Light of Day
Richard Burr Takes CIA Report Fight to Senate Referee
SHAFR Report Calls for Proactive Disclosures, Fixing FOIA Exemption B5, and More

News Highlights - January 21, 2015

Obama Promises to Release New Report on NSA Spying in State of the Union
CIA Report Found Value of Brutal Interrogation Was Inflated
Government Declassification Watchdog: Prioritize High Interest Document Sets
Some VA Whistleblowers Get Relief from Retaliation
POGO to FDA on Conflicts of Interest: Disclose Them!

News Highlights - January 20, 2015

US Kept Secret Law Enforcement Database of Americans' Calls Overseas Until 2013
Huge Trove of Hillary Clinton White House Files Set for Release
Charlie Hebdo, The Interview, and Censoring Torture Photos
Watchdog Groups Appeals Government's Definition of Media
Access Denied: The Fight for SCOTUSblog
OMB Gives Agencies Deadline to Set Up Digital Services Teams

News Highlights - January 16, 2015

Obama Administration to Disclose New Changes to NSA
White House Knew CIA Snooped on Senate, Report Says
The Government's Latest FOIA Response: 15 Blank Pages
The House Just Voted to Restrict Open Data at the SEC--What's Next?

News Highlights - January 15, 2015

Court Rules NSA Doesn't Have to Divulge What Records It Has
Panel: The CIA Didn't Spy on the US Senate--But the Senate Stole Documents from the CIA
Opinion: No, Supporters of Whistleblowers & Openness in Government Should Not Defend David Petraeus
Internal Pentagon Information Can Be Yours--If You're Not in a Hurry
Why Transparency and Data Sharing in Clinical Trials Matters
Public Pays for Congressional Reports It Can't See
Justice Dept. Unveils New Guidelines for US News Leak Probes

News Highlights - January 14, 2015

Leakers On the Defensive
What Those Pentagon Twitter Hackers Posted
Grand Jury Secrecy Comes at a Cost

News Highlights - January 13, 2015

IC Inspector General Finds No Overclassification
Size of US Nuclear Arsenal Remains Classified
Petraeus Snared in Obama's War on Leaks

News Highlights - January 12, 2015

Opinion: Buy Low on Supreme Court Transparency
Anti-Torture Campaigners Press for Closure of Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility
The NSA and the Art of the Friday News Dump

News Highlights - January 9, 2015

Secretive Private Intelligence Contractors Need Better Oversight
Opinion: Congress Must Fight for FOIA in 2015
Q&A: On the Untouchable 'Lords of Secrecy'

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