News Highlights - August 8, 2017

Secrecy and Suspicion Surround Trump’s Deregulation Teams
Senate Bill 1728 would make private prisons subject to Freedom of Information Act
Op-Ed: Why governmental transparency will not work without strong leadership

News Highlights - August 4, 2017

Pentagon suppressing book on interrogations: former investigator
Accreditors Can Keep Their Hospital Inspection Reports Secret, Feds Decide
The DEA Met With Controversial iPhone Hackers NSO Group

News Highlights - August 3,2017

Why is Mattis Declaring War on Whistleblowers?
Trump urged Mexican president to end his public defiance on border wall, transcript reveals
If the FBI Has Your Biometrics, It Doesn't Have to Tell You
Trump’s DHS Ordered Agents to Block Congressmen During Travel Ban

News Highlights - July 31, 2017

Judge balks at FBI’s 17-year timeline for FOIA request
Can agencies build greater trust in the FOIA process?
White House Gives Ground on Agencies’ Selective Responses to Congressional Oversight Queries

News Highlights - July 27, 2017

Anthony Scaramucci’s war on leaks is a total mess
FCC Sued Over Failure to Comply With Transparency Law Amid Net Neutrality Debate
EPA Chief Met With Canada’s Scientist-Muzzling Ex-Prime Minister Before Scientist Purge