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News Highlights - December 19, 2014

Senate Joins House in Publishing Legislative Information in Modern Formats
Opinion: The Need for Radical Transparency on US Torture

News Highlights - December 18, 2014

Editorial: Put FOIA Reform on 2015 Fast Track
Obama's Justice Department Secretly Helped Kill the FOIA Transparency Bill
The Lesson of the Torture Report: Governments Lie
Dept of State Delays Release of Iran History
Drone Strikes Counterproductive, Says Secret CIA Report
HHS to Lead 2-Year DATA Act Pilot
Holder OKs Limited Risen Subpoena

News Highlights - December 16, 2014

Documents Shed New Light on Legal Wrangling Over Spying in US
Set Priorities for Declassification, Study Urges
Will Private Prisons Finally Be Subject to the Freedom of Information Act?

News Highlights - December 15, 2014

Congress Fails to Revise FOIA Despite Bipartisan Support
Records Reveal Why Court Shut Down Bush-Era Spy Program
Feds in 2-Front Fight Against Release of Records on CIA 'Torture'
Interior Launches New Natural Resources Data Portal
There is Something Worse Than Torture in the Senate Torture Report

News Highlights - December 12, 2014

In Opaque Move, Boehner Tables Government Transparency Bill
Editorial: Dark Again After Report on CIA Torture
Opinion: Obama Administration Should be Fully Transparent About Bush-Era Torture
Opinion: The US Needs a New Church Committee
NARA Gets More Power Over Records Under New Law
GSA Advises Federal Agencies on How to Release More Datasets to the Public

News Highlights - December 11, 2014

Banking Lobbyists Opposing FOIA Reform Bill, Sources Say
US Tells Court That Documents From Torture Investigation Should Remain Secret
Mark Udall Says the CIA is Still Lying
Secret US Court Extends Phone, Internet Bulk Collection Program as Senate Debates Reform

News Highlights - December 10, 2014

Radio: Why the Torture Report Matters
What's Not in the Senate Torture Report
CIA Unlikely to Lose Power in Wake of Interrogation Report

News Highlights - December 9, 2014

Bill Challenging US Official Secrecy Passed After Senator's Late Change of Mind
America Can't Handle the Truth--About Guantanamo, Torture, or a Man Freed from Both
Congress Tells DoD to Report on Leaks and Insider Threats

News Highlights - December 8, 2014

Standoff Could Scuttle FOIA Bill
Editorial: The CIA's Power to Purge
Editorial: Release the Guantanamo Force-Feeding Videos
No More FOUO: Government Plans to Simplify Labeling of Sensitive Information

News Highlights - December 5, 2014

Harry Reid: Let Senators Vote on Open Records Bill
FOIA Reform Bill Could Pass Senate This Week
Agencies Want to Know: Are You Still Interested?
Deal Reached, CIA Torture Report to Be Released Next Week

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