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News Highlights - April 24, 2015

Warren Weinstein and the Long Drone War
Opinion: The Hostages Killed by US Drones are Casualties of an Inhumane Policy
As the Senate Torture Report Gathers Dust, Is the Obama Administration Giving Torturers De Facto Amnesty?
Which Federal Agencies Haven't Released Public Indexes of Their Data?
The Untouchable John Brennan

News Highlights - April 23, 2015

10 Things AP Uncovered Fighting for Access
One Down, One to Go On Info Sharing Legislation
Public-Private Partnership Seeks to Make Troves of Untapped NOAA Data Publicly Available
Privacy Advocates Seek More Openness on NSA Surveillance

News Highlights - April 22, 2015

Officials Seek Long Sentence for Ex-CIA Officer in Leak Case
Americans' Views on Open Government Data
McConnell Introduces Bill to Extend NSA Surveillance

News Highlights - April 20, 2015

Dust-up Over New FOIA Exemption on Cyber Bill
Secret Details of Drone Strike Revealed as Unprecedented Case Goes to German Court
Congress to Introduce Last-Ditch Bill to Reform NSA Spying

News Highlights - April 17, 2015

Secrecy Shrouds Decade-Old Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico
Opinion: Time for Supreme Court Transparency
Fast Track Bill Would Legitimize White House Secrecy and Clear the Way for Anti-User Trade Deals
Fed Leak Probe Fuels Demands by Congress for More Openness
Darrell Issa Asked Hillary Clinton About Her Personal Email Use in 2012

News Highlights - April 16, 2015

Opinion: Strengthen the Freedom of Information Act
Obama Administration Agrees with Sunlight: Agencies Should Disclose What Data They Keep Private
Four Things to Look for in Open Government in the Next Five Years

News Highlights - April 15, 2015

Opinion: Don't Keep the Trans-Pacific Partnership Talks Secret
NSA and FBI Fight to Retain Spy Powers as Surveillance Law Nears Expiration
Let's Make It Easier for Requesters to Use the FOIA Process
US to Inform Americans Whether They are on 'No-Fly' List, and Possibly Why
Opinion: Don't Keep the Trans-Pacific Partnership Talks Secret
[New York Times, Margot E. Kaminski, April 14, 2015]

News Highlights - April 14, 2015

Poll: Science Agencies 'Stonewalling' Reporters
Experts Say Transparency Between Government, Press Needs Improvement
Terrorism Case Renews Debate Over Drone Hits
Drone Strikes in Yemen Said to Set a Dangerous Precedent
Investigator: VA Whistleblower Cases Remain 'Overwhelming'

News Highlights - April 13, 2015

State Department Agrees to Probe Missing Clinton Emails

News Highlights - April 10, 2015

Justice Dept Updates its FOIA Regulations
Three Things You Didn't Know Are in the CIA Torture Report
The Investigation into 12333 Begins
Letters on Hillary Clinton Email Flap Released

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