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News Highlights - October 1, 2014

Editorial: Don't Shut the Courtroom Door
Debate Brews Over Disclosing Warrantless Spying
Special Counsel to Supreme Court: Don't Unravel Whistleblower Protections
Open Government Advocates Encourage Classification Reform Committee to Improve the MDR Process and "Rescue Declassification"
Tangled Up in FOIA Requests, Agencies Turn to Technology
CIA: Cost of Personal Computer in 1987 is a Secret
Recipe for Successful DATA Act Implementation is Part Collaboration, Part Oversight

News Highlights - September 30, 2014

New Documents Show Legal Basis for NSA Surveillance Programs
US Bid for Secret Guantanamo Force-Feeding Hearings Prompts Cover-Up Fears
Transparency Groups Press White House on FOIA Delays
What We Know About Coming DATA Act Standards

News Highlights - September 29, 2014

White House Plans to Require Federal Agencies to Provide Details About Drones
Feds Want Guantanamo Force-Feeding Hearing Secret
Scalia Has a Secrecy Problem: Hiding and Hypocrisy at the Supreme Court
Making the Federal Government's Secret Trove of Local Government Data Public
Treasury, OMB Chart Path to DATA Act Implementation

News Highlights - September 26, 2014

Settlement Finally Brings Justice to Marine Corps Whistleblower
Save the Press from the White House Censors
Senate CIA Report Release Slips Again

News Highlights - September 25, 2014

Obama Pledges to 'Lead by Example' on Openness
Celebrating Open Government Around the Globe

News Highlights - September 24, 2014

What Can OGP Do For Me?
OGE Director Shaub Wants a Stronger, More Transparent Ethics Community
Lawmakers Want to Expand Role of Government Privacy Watchdog
Reporters Say White House Sometimes Demands Changes to Press-Pool Reports

News Highlights - September 23, 2014

Transparency Advocates Denounce Secret Lawmaking
The FOIA Request that Cost Agency Employee Jeffery Scudder His Job Finally Results in CIA Posting Trove of Studies and Intelligence Articles 
Local Government's Big Text Message Quandry

News Highlights - September 22, 2014

Opportunity Missed: Why We're Not Thrilled by PACER Restoration of "Old" Court Records
Ongoing 'Covert' Training of Syrian Rebels: But Is it Still Covert...and if so, Why? 
8 Ways the Obama Administration is Blocking Information

News Highlights - September 19, 2014

State Secrets Privilege Used Improperly, Court is Told
Energy Department to Review Classification Standards for Clarity
New Trove of CIA Articles on Al Qaeda, the Cold War and the Beirut Bombing, Among Many Subjects
James Clapper Says He Misspoke, Didn't Lie About NSA Surveillance
Watchdogs Would Gain Subpoena Power Under House Bill

News Highlights - September 18, 2014

Journalists Rap White House on Secrecy
Senate Judiciary Poised to Act on FOIA Reform Bill
Experts Say Cybersecurity Legislation Unlikely Before Fiscal 2015 Begins
Eliminating Reports, Monitoring Email, Funding ID Research and More

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