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News Highlights - September 1, 2015

State Department Releases 7,000 Pages of Hillary Clinton's Emails
OMB, Treasury Hammer Out Final DATA Act Standards
NARA re-evaluating deadline for agency email records management systems, official says
Government secrecy experts: Emails pose no criminal action for Hillary Clinton
Judge Tells IRS to Rethink Privacy Limits on Document Disclosure

News Highlights - August 31, 2015

Court overturns injunction against NSA bulk data collection program
Federal Judge Orders IRS to Disclose WH Requests for Taxpayer Info
Judge Orders CIA to Release Information about Killing of Pablo Escobar…11 Years after Initial Request

News Highlights - August 28, 2015

AP Sues Over Access to FBI Records Involving Fake News Story
Judge Denies Wall Street Journal Request for Records

News Highlights - August 27, 2015

OLC: President May Withhold WMD Info From Congress The US Is Allegedly Withholding Information about GMOs New OSHA Directive to Speed Up Resolution of Whistleblower Complaints Under OSH Act, Dodd-Frank, Other Laws Federal records managers should be more engaged in cybersecurity work, says NARA official

News Highlights - August 26, 2015

Court Upholds Broad FOIA Fee Exemption for Media and Groups
As Legacy Media Cuts Back on FOIA, Digital-Only News Outlets Step In
The 22 Amendments That Could Determine the Fate of the Senate's Cybersecurity Bill
State Department-Released Clinton Email Had Classified Info from 3 Agencies, in Possible Violation

News Highlights - August 25, 2015

Inspector Critiques US Spending in Afghanistan, to Dramatic Effect
Cruz Wants Obama to Hand Over Russia Missile Report

News Highlights - August 24, 2015

Intelligence Contractor Oversight, and More from CRS

News Highlights - August 21, 2015

Federal Election Commission Refuses to Release Computer Security Study
Dozens of Clinton Emails Were Classified from the Start, US Rules Suggest
Opinion: Why It's OK for Taxpayers to 'Snoop' on Scientists

News Highlights - August 20, 2015

The Other Top Secret Problem Hurting Hillary Clinton
Former CRS Researcher Calls for Public Access
NSA Finds New Snowden Emails--But They're Not About His 'Concerns' With Surveillance
Hillary Clinton's Emails, Data Erased Before Server Handed Over to FBI

News Highlights - August 19, 2015

The Intel Community Needs a Better Media Strategy
What Government Secrets Look Like

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