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RSVP for September 9 Open Government Town Hall – Foreign Aid and Security Assistance Transparency

This September’s Town Hall will feature dynamic speakers who will engage in a lively discussion about government and civil society initiatives underway to make available information on foreign aid and security assistance, and impediments that remain for the public to access such information. The speakers have years of experience engaging in efforts to improve public access to information on U.S. security and development aid.

US Civil Society Open Government Partnership Resources plays a key role in coordinating US civil society's engagement with the Open Government Partnership. In this work, we have evaluated the administration's implementation of their first and second National Action Plans (NAP) and created model plans to inform the administration's second and upcoming National Action Plan.
First National Action Plan Mid-Term Progress Report
First National Action Plan Final Evaluation
Second National Action Plan 6-month Progress Report
Second National Action Plan 1-year Progress Report
Model Plans:
Model for the Second NAP Google Site; PDF
Model for the Third NAP Google Site; PDF

Public Access to CRS Reports is Vital to US Policymaking - August 25, 2015 Newsletter

– Brief Updates on Coalition Partners & Others (more)
– Don't Miss from OTG (more)
– Public Access to CRS Reports is Vital to US Policymaking (more)

Administration Must Address Restrictive Media Policies and Practices joined the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) and 51 other groups in a second letter urging President Obama to address the White House and agencies' restrictive public information policies.

The Classified Classification Guidance on Torture, and President Obama’s Legacy

This June, filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for the classification guidance that now governs the CIA’s rendition, detention and interrogation (RDI) program, to see precisely how it had changed after the release of the Senate torture report’s Executive Summary last December.

OTG's Remarks at Open Government Public Meeting

On July 30th, the White House hosted a public meeting on open government. The meeting was intended to inform the administration's next National Action Plan (NAP) for open government. The Plan will be published in late October 2015.

OTG presented a selection of commitments from the Civil Society Model Plan. Watch our presentation and see the text of our statement below. The full program is available here.

Coalition Successfully Opposes Restrictions to FOIA - August 4, 2015 Newsletter

– Brief Updates on Coalition Partners & Others (more)

– Coalition Successfully Opposes Restrictions to FOIA; Problems with CISA Remain (more)
– Open Government Public Meeting: Ten Commitments for the next National Action Plan (more) Joins the Day of Action Opposing Cybersecurity Bill

Congress Should Not Use Cybersecurity Legislation as a Pretext to Weaken FOIA

As the U.S. Senate prepares to take up the Cybersecurity Information Sharing (“CISA”) Act, S. 754, open government organizations, privacy and civil liberties defenders, security experts, and tech companies are mobilizing to voice opposition to the bill.

Transportation Bill Includes Transparency Roadblocks

The Hire More Heroes Act (H.R. 22), the expected vehicle for transportation legislation, contains several overbroad and unnecessary exemptions to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). On July 25th, 18 groups joined in a letter to Senate Leaders Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid, urging the removal of the exemptions to FOIA. As the letter explains, "Much of the sensitive information likely to be shared is already protected from disclosure under the FOIA; other information that may be shared could be critical for the public to ensure its safety."

The Classified Section

Check out our new blog, The Classified Section, for analysis of national security secrecy.

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